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Amish couple critical after vehicle-buggy crash

By Pat Maurer

An Amish couple were critically injured and alcohol is believed to be a factor in a crash involving a vehicle rear-ending an Amish buggy Sunday evening, November 27th on East Colonville Road.
A release from the Clare County Sheriff’s Office said the crash took place in Sheridan Township near South Brand Avenue when a 2002 Ford Ranger pick-up, driven westbound on Colonville by a 26-year-old Clare man smashed into the buggy which was being driven by Jay Stutzman, 52, with Irene Stutzman, 52 as a passenger. Both are from Clare.
The Stutzman’s were both treated at the scene by Mobile Medical Response Ambulance Service for severe injuries caused by the crash. They were taken to a hospital downstate where they were both listed in critical condition.
The driver of the truck was not injured.
The Amish buggy had functioning flashing lights on it at the time of the crash, which remains under investigation.
Clare County Deputies were assisted at the scene by Clare City Police, Michigan State Police Troopers, Clare Fire Department, Clute’s Wrecker Service and Mobile Medical Response Ambulance Service.
The name of the driver of the pickup was not in the press release.

85 Replies to “Amish couple critical after vehicle-buggy crash

  1. Why not publish the driver’s name along with the victim’s? I hope they throw the book at him. There’s no excuse for drinking and driving!

    1. Omg are you kidding me 😡
      How low can a person get! If anyone needs a go fund me,it’s the Amish couple who were seriously injured by this drunk!

    2. I say let him suffer
      If he’s stupid to drink and drive. He will get a court appointed attorney. He better hope they victims don’t pass..

    3. He can get his own damn lawyer! Why should the public pay for his stupidity? Or, let whoever posted the go fund me page.

            1. He should be charged with animal cruelty since the horse had injuries bad enough that it had to be put down. That’s a felony in Michigan!

        1. Oh my dear, you can only hope he died quickly, did you see the pictures, I’m a Vet Tech. I have been on those scenes nightmares forever, they help the people but getting help for the animals doesn’t happen like that, trying to get help for a cripple horse…no 911 for them

      1. Couldn’t have said it better. No sympathy for someone like him
        Those poor people were minding their own business. And this happens to them.

      2. Usually if you contact the Go Fund Me and tell them the story with his asking. Go Fund Me will look into it and stop any payments. Any funds paid out will go back to the people who helped fund for him. I”m interested in what story he used for the funding.

    4. For real..OMG the nerve and Gaul of that guy…Im just in disbelief of his actions after hitting this beautiful couple.

    5. I would rather go fund the amish family for all their lose. They are good people and do help when they are friends

      1. Unfortunately the Amish will forgive him. They will not get a lawyer and sue him. That’s not their way. They will all come together to help this couple out.

    6. You’re right!! That is seriously wrong!! There should be a go fund me page for the couple that was injured since they don’t have insurance or live as that idiot does. SMH

    7. Think the go fund me page should be for the couple. Amish do not have health insurance so their hospital bills will be phenomenal!

  2. We can only assume it was the car driver who was drinking, because the author also neglected to specify that. The first sentence of the article leads you to believe it could have been the Amish couple that may have been drinking.
    Regardless, God-speed recovery to both of you in the hospital. Prayers!

    1. Kathi Mason, Amish don’t use alcoholic anything, ever. And they only used tobacco products in the very distant past to treat livestock for intestinal parasites. They live a generally clean, healthy lifestyle.

      1. Yes they do drink and smoke. I have been to their homes to get wood and the were doing both. They also go to bars. They came into the marina all the time to buy smokes are alcohol.

      2. Bullshit!!! I watched 3 twenty something ride a buggy up to the liquor store, buy a fifth of whiskey and sit outside in the parking lot and pass it back and forth until it was gone. I talked to the clerk and he said they come in every Friday

      3. Not true!! I have actually partaking with them and played horseshoes. And they can smoke cigars but nothing white. They were my neighbors for years

        1. Please don’t bash these people. They are not the cause of this accident.

          Please all just pray for the couple that they come through this .

          1. Thank you. You took the words right out of my mouth. This is not a time to blame them for taking a drink themselves. This is a drinking and driving accident that just happened.

      4. Not true. Some do drink. Wine mostly. We have quite a few Amish in our area that do smoke. Some quite heavily! It depends on each groups Bishop as to what they can & cannot do.

    2. Kathi….do you not understand that alcohol is abhorrent to these people? You can’t seriously think that when they were hit from behind it was in anyway the fault of those in a horse-drawn buggy

    3. The Amish don’t partake in any alcohol of drugs, only time is if their kids at the right age partake in RumSpringa

      1. That is absolutely not factual. There are different rules etc. For different factions of amish. Some of them will use power tools- but not own them… some won’t use them at all, different strokes etc. What IS absolute is that they were hit from behind… highly unlikely they yanked the reins of their horse to intentionally get rear ended.

    4. If I‘m not mistaken, the Amish do not drink any alcohol. My heart goes out to the couple who were critically injured and pray for their complete recovery.

    5. I doubt that they would have mentioned that the buggy had working flashing lights on at the time of the accident if they were at fault.

  3. Some of the Amish buggies have better lighting than others. With the vehicle smashed like it was, sure the horse was injured badly and put down at the scene 😰 Pray for the Amish people..

  4. So sad… People need to slow down in Amish country.
    AS for the man who hit them, may the Judge have NO MERCY on him. You’ll need a lawyer… GO FUND NOTHING FOR HIM. You do the crime HE’LL hopefully do A LOT OF TIME.
    Prayers to the Amish couple & their family.

  5. That’s very sad. Prayers for the Amish couple. I grew up and worked with Amish people. I never seen them smoke or drink. Perhaps young Amish do. In today’s society they seem open to trying new things.

  6. The Amish will forgive him for their injuries and the death of their transportation.
    The best home made hard cider came from Amish friends and the end of a long day of doing hay. Grandpa!@#$#@ secret Amish Family recipe.
    No insurance to cover medical bills and they will not ask for any. Family will cover the cost.
    If the buggy driver and his wife were drinking, which I doubt, the sober horse knows the way home. Something modern technology hasn’t caught up with. Amish do not need to blow sober on a steering wheel lock to drive home

  7. I would like to donate money to the Amish couple for their medical costs and new horse and buggy. Does anyone know who I can contact?

  8. They will not seek help, but will not turn it down either, you may support their efforts by patronizing one of their income earning efforts, eggs, baked goods, sewing items, and simply “overpay” them what you can afford, they will respectfully accept your money as not charity, but as help and will be thankfull to you.

  9. So sad. My folks had Amish neighbors aburies. Wee visited them I saw how disrespectful some drivers can be to the Amish in buģgies. No go fund me for guy who hit them.

  10. I found the go fund me his sister set it up
    He my name is Nicole Zingery and I am trying to raise money to help my brother with a lawyer he unfortunately hit an Amish buggy on his way home on Colonville Rd Sunday 11/27 in the evening two Amish were injured very badly and he has three charges driving while intoxicated 2nd degree
    driving while intoxicated and causing great bodily harm
    and resisting arrest
    I am at a loss and don’t know how else to help but I don’t want him spending 10 years behind bars and would love any help I can get I can’t afford to bond him out and I can’t afford a lawyer but i feel a lawyer is very necessary in a situation like this
    please help me help Tyler All I can say is wow and don’t send him a dime driving drunk is the worst then you through in hitting a person and resisting arrest wow he has no remorse

    1. He should spend years in jail!! It’s his 2nd offense, obviously he didn’t care the 1st time he got a DUI..

  11. Such a tragic situation that could have been prevented if not for a drink driver’s actions. He deserves to have the book thrown at him. And GoFundme needs to remove his sister’s plea for help. Hopefully it’s been reported. Prayers for the gravely injured Amish couple.

  12. I am praying 🙏 they both can fully recover from this terrible accident. I go every year to clare MI for there Amish sale that is wonderful. We have been going over 10yrs twice a year
    They are people that take care off there own.
    I have know sympathy for the guy that hit them you should know better not to drink&drive

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