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Board approves equalization resolution

By John Raffel

MARION – Osceola County commissioners, at their meeting earlier this week, approved the Resolution presented by the Equalization Director to levy and collect 2023 allocated property taxes.
Commissioners voted to approve the non-contractual (bad debt) write-offs as presented by the E.M.S.
The board voted to approve for the IT Coordinator to purchase a network switch and a server for E.M.S. at a cost of $7,700.31.
The board voted to approve the MDHHS CRP
FY2023-2028 contract as presented and for the board chair to sign.
Commissioners confirmed the MERS DC (Defined Contribution) Plan effective Jan. 1, 2022 and 457 Supplemental Plan effective April 1, 2023 as benefits
designated for full-time employees and also that the 457 Plan allows Roth Rollover Contributions into the 457
Plan. This recommendation is amending the original motion. Commissioners voted to approve the Resolution
supporting the Nartron Dam removal project.

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