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Building inspector brings concerns to Osceola board

By John Raffel

MARION – Tony Gagliardo, Building Official/Inspector for Osceola County, discussed violation letters at a recent Osceola County personnel and administration committee meeting and said he is working on rewriting it.
Gagliardo shared several letters from other counties for the Committee to review. He expressed concerns on the Prosecutor’s office not following through on violations referred to their office. He expressed concerns that he has heard some of the Commissioners are upset with what he makes.
Gagliardo also discussed his concerns with the public going to the County Coordinator or Commissioners when they are upset with him. He said they should go through the Construction Board of Appeals. Tony also provided the Committee a packet pertaining to various laws to reporting violations and building code enforcement.
Discussion was held on why there seems to be an increase in complaints from the public. Committee members discussed the evaluation form that Commissioner David Turner of Marion put together and if the Committee felt it was adequate to send out to the full board as it is. Commissioner Mark Gregory discussed the importance of bringing up issues immediately as opposed to waiting for an evaluation period. Commissioner Roger Elkins of Evart gave a few suggestions.
Gregory asked for the evaluation to be sent out to the Commissioners as soon as the adjustments have been made.

5 Replies to “Building inspector brings concerns to Osceola board

  1. There are so many complaints because it should not be up to them to decide what we can and can’t do on our own property! And pay outrageous fees to do so! We own the property, not them.

  2. It’s interesting to me that this is not in the Pioneer press publications as it concerns Reed City directly.

  3. In my opinion, Tiny Gagliardo is a POS and should be terminated. Why do you think he was fired by Lake County and was voted out as Webber Township Supervisor?

    I purchased a building FROM Lake County and Gagliardo accused me of working on it without permits (I was removing wet drywall) and in retaliation, he had the building inspector condemn my building – a building THEY owned for YEARS before, but saw no need to condemn.

    I was prohibited from entering the building to remove my tools, ladder, etc and they were eventually stolen.

    I was approached by a friend of Tony’s to see if I would sell him the building at 40% if it’s value.

    Being honest, I explained that it was condemed etc. and he said he wasn’t worried about it.

    “Magically” – the condemnation was rescinded as soon as ownership changed hands and the building is still standing – 8 years later.

    Good old boys club corruption.

    1. FYI: the building has had ZERO improvements / work done to it since it was sold by me (other than being painted to look like an American flag). White building at the intersection of US 10 & Foreman Road.

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