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Bulldogs settle score with archrival Lanett

Coach Lewis talks with Bulldogs at timeout
V. Story goes up for 2 of his 11 points against Panthers.
D. Vines layup 2 of his leading 18points on the night against Panthers
T. Harrington goes up for an easy 2 of his 17 points against Panthers

By Pamela Whitlow

It was what the Bulldogs fans calls a “WILD” night at the Bulldog’s house on Friday night. The Bulldogs were home and took back what was rightfully theirs with a win over the Lanett Panthers.

The Dogs were able to recover their rivalry title back from the Panthers which they had been holding since the 2019-2020 basketball season.

As normal, it was a packed house with standing room only type of night at the Bulldog Palace. Fans were out in Big numbers in what they hoped would not be the last big traditional rivalry game with the Lanett Panthers.

The Bulldogs took over the Panthers with a 56-44 at the final. It definitely wasn’t the night the Panthers were hoping for, but then again it definitely was not an easy task for the Bulldogs.

The Panthers fast-paced ball playing gave the Bulldogs a run for their night.

The night started out with a Bulldog lead at the end of the  first quarter 14-12.

A foul against the Panthers kept the Bulldogs holding that lead 21-14 in the second quarter. Smooth sailing not but definitely a run against the waves, the Bulldogs were able to control the lead  into halftime 34-25.

Coming out from halftime The Bulldogs were ready to finish what they had started. Taking the floor midway through the half while the Panthers were still talking it over in the huddle once the whistle was blown by referee. The Bulldogs were able to get an easy two points with no one on the court but the Dogs. That extended the lead to


The Panthers shifted in the 4th quarter and were able to close in on the Bulldogs. But, the Dogs didn’t stop biting.

Final score 56-44

Bulldogs top stats for the night. #3 D. Vines lead the Bulldogs with 18points, 5 assists and 4 steals, 1 Reb

#0 T Harrington followed with 17 points, 17 Reb, 5 assists and 5 steals

#1 V Story finished out with 11 points, 5 Reb, 2 assists and 3 steals

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