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Circuit court judge announces retirement

Allegan County Circuit Court Chief Judge Roberts Kengis

By John Raffel

ALLEGAN – Allegan County Circuit Court Chief Judge Roberts Kengis announced late Friday that he will retire June 30.
“In his announcement, he said he has contacted both the state court administrative office and Governor Whitmer’s office to advise of his decision,” county commission chairman Jame Storey said. “Judge Kengis has served Allegan County for a total of 31 years, first as a contract assistant prosecuting attorney and then as a full time assistant prosecutor.
“When county prosecuting attorney Fred Anderson retired, Kengis was elected to the post in 2016. Two years later when Judge Cronin retired, Governor Snyder appointed him to the remainder of Cronin’s term. He was elected to his own term in 2020. The retirement will leave the circuit court with one remaining jurist, Judge Marge Bakker, until Governor Whitmer appoints a successor to fill Kengis’ term until the 2024 election.”
Last year the legislature authorized a third circuit court seat for the county to be elected next year.
“As Judge of Probate Mike Buck is ineligible to run for re-election then, Kengis’ retirement means Allegan County voters will select three of the county’s six judges in November 2024,” Storey pointed out.

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