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City of Allegan renovation and streetscape enters new phase

The Downtown Improvement Project 2023 in Allegan had an anticipated timeline for each Phase of the Project. As Milbocker & Sons complete work on Brady Street, their equipment is tearing up Hubbard Street from Walnut to Locust Streets and Locust Street from Hubbard to Trowbridge.

Looking down Brady St. toward Water St. after main infrastructure was laid. (Photo by Julie Hotchkiss)

Looking down Brady St. toward Water St. after main infrastructure was laid. (Photo by Julie Hotchkiss)

By Gari Voss

The official groundbreaking for the City of Allegan’s Downtown Streetscape occurred on Monday, March 20, 2023. Milbocker & Sons, Inc. began Phase 1 of the project on Brady Street and the east end of Hubbard Street before the first shovelful of dirt was turned. As Phase 1 comes to a close and Brady and the east end of Hubbard become accessible to residents and visitors, everyone entering the city should become aware of how to navigate the detours to access favorite shops and businesses, especially along Hubbard and Locust Streets.
Brady St. underwent major excavation in order to lay the network of electrical, water and sewer infrastructure that will supply the businesses and residents. As of May 12, 2023, Brady had metamorphosized from trenches to a relatively smooth roadbed.
Weekly updates share the importance of laying and testing the water mains to meet Michigan’s Lead & Copper Rule that prevents drinking water contamination. Plus, the installation of the storm sewer pipes and crossing pipes to move stormwater runoff toward the 2nd Street Bridge.
Even with a couple glitches, the beginning of Phase 2 began on May 15, 2023 as machines rolled onto Hubbard and Locust Streets to tear up the existing pavement and begin digging.
Street closures in Downtown Allegan have reached their peak. Residents and business owners are looking at how best to navigate and find parking.
The Allegan District Library may be the most convenient with the normal access toward town on Hubbard St. Once at Walnut St., people take a left turn onto Walnut to Trowbridge St. Trowbridge will provide access to City Hall, the theater and 2 parking lots. The lot by the Regent Theater will gain access to Pizza Hut, Aubrey’s Closet, the backdoor of Morgan’s Appliance, Allegan Eyecare, the Something Sweet, and Hathaway’s Cottage.
This area can also be reached by taking Water St., Chestnut St. or Walnut St. from M-222.
It is from the parking lot behind the theater that Huntington Bank customers can access the bank and the drive through tellers. Drive thru users will end up on Chestnut St. that is free from construction. This lot and Chestnut St. will provide business as normal to the Eagles, Beach Paradise & Tiki Hut, City Hall, etc.
From Trowbridge St., the Cutler St. parking lot is accessible. This can take people to Cutler then to the stoplight at M-89/M-40, to M-222 (Monroe St.) and to Water Street to catch Schaendorf Brewing and Mugshots along with Minnie’s and On the Grid.
If heading down Water St., the back of the stores on Locust St. and Brady St. can be reached. Along with street parking, there is the Water St. parking lot. Customers can even continue to Ye Ol’ Yarn Shop.
The greatest challenge will be access to the Riverfront and the businesses and residences on the southside of Hubbard St. Remember that patience is a virtue. The Walnut and Trowbridge Streets around the west and north sides of the Allegan County Courthouse will allow access to parking. The end of Walnut St. will lead to parking behind the Griswold Auditorium and the Library. A walk over the boardwalk will allow for arrival at the back of A-Tech, Tantrick Brewing and others.
A call ahead to the business or resident may save frustrations. As Brady and Water Streets are complete, the Riverfront area can be reached from the 2nd Street Bridge or from Water St.
The first promise is that life along Hubbard and Locust Streets will not be normal for the next while. The second promise is that within a couple months, the transformation of Downtown Allegan will be amazing.
Please, remember to follow the signs to avoid construction on Hubbard and Locust Streets. Other streets will remain as they have been for years.

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