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Clare BOE audience supports another bond vote

BPA Members receiving certificates at the Clare BOE meeting included: (from left) Sophia Winkler, Reagan McNerney, Ethan Miller, Chloe Sprague, Duncan Lowe, Bella Smylie, Aaron Lingaur, Kara Forsberg, Abby Isaac, Riley Smith, Kassidy Allen, Hezekiah Bear, Alex Heatley, Noah Camp, Chloe Allen, Logan Dole,
Timothy Eberhart and Lana Dickerson.

Primary Principal Tracy Lubs honors retiring
Primary Teacher Dave Goul

Turn-Around Achievement Awards were presented to Tierra Herron and Marisela Salvador (not pictured) by Pioneer High School Principal Cathy Wirth and to Aliyah Ruiz and Dasia Wiltse (not pictured) by Clare High School Principal Matt Forsberg.

Graduating senior band members honored by Band Director Jason Lowe included Aaron Lingaur, Duncan Lowe, Ethan Miller, Patrick Shaw II, Mya Tait, and Jake Zeilinger.

By Pat Maurer

The Clare High School was packed for the first regular meeting after the bond issue failed to pass May 2nd. Well over 100 people, district staff, parents, students and community members were there to urge the school board not to eliminate an auditorium in another bid for school renovations.
Jeffrey Thompson urged support for the arts, saying, “Access to the arts is important.” He also thanked the board for their efforts to pass the bond issue.
“It would be bad to build a new school without an auditorium,” Michelle Thompson said. “We don’t have a stage and sounds project differently in our gym. It’s sad that our students come to competitions with that disadvantage.”
She said the seating in the Middle School Auditorium is smaller and sometimes leaves parents attending an event standing because there aren’t enough places to sit down.
“I get it,” she said. “People don’t want the Middle School torn down, but it is well past its purpose and life span. Taking an auditorium out of the equation for a new school building is a big mistake.”
Former drama teacher Terry Beatty agreed. “We really need something better [than the old auditorium in the Middle School]. It’s a beautiful building, but it’s old. It’s past time, our kids deserved something to come into this century. Our kids deserve better.”
Band Director Jason Lowe said a new performing arts space would benefit every child in Clare. The current Middle School is no longer adequate.
Other comments, which went on for some time, were, “Without an auditorium, we won’t be able to host or showcase our students.” Another was, “Performing arts helps students in other classes. It increases success in math and language arts.”
“We have to address people who say, ‘What’s in it for me?’”
Board of Education President Loren Cole said, “We are getting information from people and will have more information next month. We really need to change the minds of the no voters and get more people out to vote. We are supportive. Good schools make a good community.
Suggestions on how to pass another bond issue included:
*A voter registration drive for students who are 18 years old; and getting students involved in the process to encourage people to vote.
One person present said he voted no on the bond issue because he “wants to know where the money will be spent.” He urged everyone to “research the no’s and find out why they voted against the bond issue.
“This needs to go back on the ballot in the fall,” Thompson said.
The board members all agreed that more people need to be encouraged to vote on the matter.
Monday evening’s BOE meeting also showcased student successes: the recognition of senior band members who are graduating; the accomplishments of the Business Professionals of America Team; and the students awarded for their Turn-Around Achievements.
Retiring Primary Teacher and Coach Dave Gould was honored at the meeting for his many years of dedication to students and for coaching, which he plans to continue. He was honored by Primary Principal Tracy Lubs.
Band Director Jason Lowe honored six seniors who have been dedicated members of the high school band: Aaron Lingaur, Duncan Lowe, Ethan Miller, Patrick Shaw II, Mya Tait and Jake Zeilinger.
The BPA State Competitors and the National Leadership Conference competitors were honored for their accomplishments. BPA Team members honored were: Savannah Buzzelli, Noah Camp, Evan Campbell, Holly Chapman, Lana Dickerson, Logan Dole, Timothy Eberhart, Kara Forsberg, Hannah Goethe, Julia Haggart, Alexandra Heatley, Abby Isaac, Morgan Jones, Tessa Kelly, Andrew Klaus, Emily Klaver, Aaron Lingaur, Duncan Lowe, Ava Mattice, Addison McMillan, Reagan McNerney, Ethan Miller, Kayla Moreno, Lucille Nobis, Adrian Nummerdor, Sydney Nummerdor, Kaydence Pung, Gracie Schaar, Brayden Schmidt, Bailey Seibt, Taylor Seibt, Riley Smith, Bella Smylie, Chloe Sprague, Catherine Taft, Owhin Thompson, James Tice, Megan Veitengruber, Lily Ward, Sophia Winkler, and Tustyn Yarger.
Turn-Around Achievement Awards were presented to Aliyah Ruiz and Dasia Wiltse by Clare High School Principal Matt Forsberg and to Tierra Herron and Marisela Salvador by Pioneer High School Principal Cathy Wirth.
Other matters at the meeting included reports by boosters, student body representative Bella Smylie, Administrators and Superintendent Jim Walter, who reported positive news from Lansing, saying “We may have the budget figures [for the coming year] by June.
Walter also reported that “The District has been granted funds to improve school safety.” He said the grant funds are or the purchase of equipment and/or technology to improve the safety and security of the school buildings, students and staff. He said door locks have been installed and the video system upgraded.
The board approve the hire of new staff members including

  • Therese Cleary-Haley: Special Education Teacher, Clare Middle School
    *Danielle Foulkes: Preschool Teacher, Clare Primary School
    *Nanette Hugan: 4th Grade Teacher, Clare Primary School
    *Sarah Liske: 3rd Grade Teacher, Clare Primary School
    *Alexandria Loonsfoot: Special Education Teacher, Clare High School
    The BOE approved the Clare-Gladwin RESD Budget Resolution and a Resolution approving the representative and delegate for the RESD Biennial Election and to designate the BOE’s choices for the RESD Board as Louis (Lou) Adams and Rick Foote.
    As part of the Consent Agenda, the BOE approved the payment of bills totaling $183,162.67.
    At the end of the regular meeting the board went into a closed session to discuss a property purchase.

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