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Clare County Road Commission lists 2023 potential roadwork

By Pat Maurer

The Clare County Road Commission’s website has listed 48 potential projects for the year and two that have been completed. Proposed are 15 paving projects, nine involving culvert work, five double chip seal projects, eight chip seal, seven road widening and four gravel projects.
They also posted that “Additional projects may be added throughout the year, and some project dates may be subject to change.”
Following is the list posted on the CCRC website ( 2023 Road Projects)

In Arthur Township:
*Culvert replacement on South Athey Avenue
In Franklin Township:
*Chip and Fog Seal on North Rogers Road
On Franklin and Hamilton Township line:
*E. Arnold Lake Rd. – – Chip & Fog Seal and paving
Freeman Township:
*Double Chip Seal on Ashard Road, Lake Tahoe, Shadowbook Drive, and Monroe Road and Grass Lake Avenue
Frost Township:
*Gravel project on Fir Mac Trail;
*Stabilization/Gravel from Arnold Lake to Long Lake – a carryover project from 2022
Grant Township:
*Single Chip Seal on Beaverton Road/Kapplinger Drive;
*Paving on Harrison Avenue;
*Chip Seal and paving in Holbrook Subdivision;
*Ultra-thin paving on Oakland Drive
Grant/Hatton Townships:
*Culvert Replacement – two projects on Adams Road
Grant/Sheridan Townships:
*Paving Wooden Bridge Deck on South Cornwell Avenue;
*Three foot widening of both sides of Colonville Road
Greenwood & Summerfield Townships:
*Chip and Fog Seal on Old State Avenue, Haskell Lake Road & Finley Lake Avenue
Hamilton/Franklin Townships:
*Culvert replacement on East Arnold Lake Road
Hatton Township:
*Gravel project begins approx. 7/25, ends 9/23
Hayes Township:
*Paving from Harrison Avenue to Business Route 127;
*Wedging and paving on Grant Avenue;
*Paving and 1.5 widening both sides of Hampton Road
Lincoln Township:
*Paving on Jackson Avenue;
*Limestone project on North Drive;
*Drainage and Limestone project on North Old State Avenue
Sheridan Township:
*Widening Culverts (two projects) on Colonville Road;
*Culvert replacement on Dover Road;
*Two foot widening on both sides of Tobacco Drive;
*Culvert replacement on S. Athey Avenue
Summerfield Township:
*Chip & Fog Seal and paving on Muskegon Road;
*Chip & Fog Seal on North Harding Avenue & Claroskee Road
Surrey Township:
*Single Chip Seal on Kapplinger Road;
*Double Chip Seal on Washington/South Maple Roads.
*Roundabout on Old State and Surrey Road intersection includes;
*Two Paving projects on Surrey Road and two Paving and widening projects on South Old State Avenue
Winterfield Township:
*Two inch widening and paving on Cook Avenue – three projects;
*Gravel project on Garfield Avenue;
*Double Chip Seal on Keehn Road;
*Two road widening projects (on each side) of Long Lake, Cook, Pierce & Strawberry Avenue.
Two 2023 projects are already completed. They are: Culvert replacements on E. Ashard Road in Arthur Township and on West Arnold Lake Road in Greenwood/Summerfield Townships.

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