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Commissioners approve new inspection fees

By John Raffel

MARION – The Osceola County Board of Commissioners voted at its Monday meeting to approve the Building Department Permit Inspection fees paid to the Trades Inspectors as presented. “It’s for plumbing, electrical and mechanical,” commissioner Tim Michell of Marion said. “We also approved for the building official to go back and review their inspections just to make sure they’re done correctly.”
Commissioners voted to approve the EMS policies as presented.
“It’s been a long and tedious process for the personnel committee to go through it and fix grammatical errors and get everything up to speed before the audit later this month,” Michell said.
Commissioners also voted to approve the revised Smoking & Tobacco Use policy as presented.
“The old policy said they couldn’t smoke in their own personal vehicle,” Michell said. “There are some designated areas outside of the building
It was decided to approve the Clerk to purchase the Apex Vital Record software at a cost not to exceed $22,500 with an annual cost of $9,400 per year.
“What this software does,” Michell said, “is allow people to access online. It will save travel time. They can like get a death certificate. They still have to come over and pick it up. But they can apply online. I originally voted against it. I think it’s a good idea but it’s so expensive. We’re only bringing in $20,000 in license fees. This is cost $10,000 a year. But essentially it’s the choice of the clerk on how she wants to run her office, which I agree with. So it passed unanimously.”

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