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Deputy found not guilty of causing death 

A former Allegan County deputy accused of hitting and killing a woman in a 2022 high-speed crash was found not guilty last Thursday
Thomas Goggins, 43, was previously charged with moving violation causing death and moving violation causing serious impairment, according to Allegan County Prosecuting Attorney Myrene Koch.
These charges stem from a June 12, 2022 crash in which Goggins, who was traveling at speeds of more than 90 mph, crashed into Ofelia Nunez’s SUV at an intersection near Fennville, Koch said. Nunez died in the crash.
Goggins was reportedly chasing a speeding suspect along M-89 without lights and sirens as he was “trained to do,” according to attorney Michael Hills.
“He had a trainer officer sitting right next to him. He was being trained in the moment to do exactly what he did, and now the same county is charging him and trying to put him in a cage,” Hills said.
Goggins resigned from his position after the crash. However, his resignation came before the department finished its internal investigation, Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker said.

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  1. That’s some bullshit blue sticks up for blue and I honestly think it is disgusting I was hit by an officer in paw paw Michigan in front of McDonald’s and he was drunk drunk asshole fuck them this is freedom of speech first amendment right so

    1. Umm..if I’m not mistaken, the former officer was found not guilty by a jury from the public. If it was blue defending blue, he wouldn’t have made it to trial. Take your illogical hatred elsewhere

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