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Do you need help?

In the next few weeks we are asking readers that find themselves or their family in a dire situation to write us and in detail, tell us what you or your family would like to make Christmas a happy occasion.
Inflation has caused a financial burden for many local families. The price of living essentials such as eggs, bread, gas etc. have put huge dents in our pocketbooks. More and more families are seeking financial help to simply feed and house their loved ones.
That’s where this newspaper, with the help of area businesses and more fortunate individuals step forward. As we have in year’s past (actually 10 years and counting) Wilcox Newspapers provides monetary donations for those we deem in need.
If you need help we ask that you write a letter to us explaining exactly why. We prefer you email the letter to but if you don’t have access to email you can write: The LaFayette Sun, PO Box 378, LaFayette AL 36862.
Be specific when you write the letter. Tell us why you are experiencing a hardship. Tell us how many children are affected. Do not write us if you are outside our circulation area. We are here to help those in Chambers County. As soon as you see this, write us. Don’t wait until the last minute. Deadline to receive letters is December 2, so don’t procrastinate.
We in turn will take the best letters to area businesses, who will provide money and donations to see that your Christmas Wish is fulfilled. We have literally helped hundreds of families in past years. Last year alone, we gathered over $20,000 in cash and gifts to help over 70 families.
Certainly we expect to continue that tradition of giving again this year. We have set a lofty goal of helping at least 100 local families this Christmas. Thus if you legitimately need help, and I stress LEGITIMATELY, write us a letter. All you have to do is write or email to the addresses above.

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