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Douglas ‘Pyramid’ debuts Memorial Day

Rado Kirov’s brightly-reflective stainless steel “Pyramid” (pictured) will be dedicated in its new home in front of the Douglas Police Station, 47 W. Center St., Monday, May 29, at 10:30 a.m. after the city’s Memorial Day parade.

The hand-forged, highly- polished work, bought by the Maryjo Lemanski-led nonprofit from Water Street Gallery, will showcase the 1955-born artist’s “Mercury Effect,” developed largely when and where he now lives in South Africa.

Kirov’s interest in metal art began at an early age with copper then moved to stainless steel, which has been his choice of medium for 20 years.

He developed a unique technique of manipulating by hand a sheet of stainless steel under extreme temperatures to achieve a rippled surface that is mirror polished to dynamically reflect its surroundings and draws the observer into the magic of its reflection.

Similar to a room of mirrors in a fun house, the sculpture twists and changes making the image distorted and intriguing. His work draws the viewer into the magic of the reflections.

“The pyramid shape symbolizes the strength of the Douglas community,” said Lemanski, “as the foundation is solid and stable.

“The upward movement of apex represents the positive direction the city is heading by creating a rich, vibrant, art-focused community,” she continued.

“The interactive component of ‘Pyramid’ involves the viewer’s reflection of the natural surroundings, emphasizing the importance of an ecological awareness, respect and preservation of natural resources in Douglas.”

Refreshments will be served. All are welcome.

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