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Flamingo fundraiser supports Plainwell’s Grad Bash

By Jason Wesseldyk
Sports Editor

Flocks of pink flamingos have started popping up on lawns in the Plainwell Community Schools district.
No, these flamingos didn’t somehow mistake Plainwell for their tropical home. Rather, they are part of a fundraiser for Plainwell High School’s Grad Bash 2024.
Here’s how the fundraiser works:

  1. If you would like to send a flock of flamingos to a Plainwell district address, you can pay a “flocking” fee of $24.
  2. If your yard is flocked, the flock will remain for two or three days. During that time, you have the option to choose the next flocking “victim” by making a $24 donation. Otherwise, the flock will migrate on its own.
  3. If you want to avoid the possibility of getting flocked—or you just want to make a donation to Grad Bash—you can pay a $24 fee for flocking insurance.
    Jamie Hill is helping to organize the flamingo fundraiser.
    “After going through (fundraising for Grad Bash) with my daughter’s class two years ago, I knew we would need to begin the fundraising process as early as possible,” she said. “Although we live in a very generous community, it seems like there is always some kind of sale, event or raffle going on.
    “I knew we needed to set ourselves apart and with so much recent tragedy, I thought the flamingos would bring contagious joy and positivity.”
    Hill and two other senior moms—Jen Pence and Kari Stull—are out and about three times a week to move the flamingo flocks.
    Plainwell High School principal Jeremy Wright and his wife, who is a teacher in the district, were the first flocking “victims.
    “It’s been fun,” Hill said. “Right now, we do not have an end date as long as the orders and forwarding keeps happening. The weather may decide the end.”
    The flamingos are one of several fundraisers of Grad Bash, with a total goal of approximately $25,000. That money will cover the cost of the event’s secret venue, food, entertainment, a class gift and other surprises.
    For example, Theresa Fisher, another senior mom, has organized several concession opportunities at Kalamazoo Growlers and Western Michigan University hockey games. There will also be Dine to Donate events and raffles throughout the school year.
    “Grad Bash began as an activity to keep our kids safe on a night known for partying,” Hill said. “More recently, many students and parents realize that this night is much more than that. It is really the last time their class is together.
    “Despite griping about not knowing where the event is until they get there and not having a phone, the last few Grad Bashes have been well attended. I think students are pretty grateful they are getting experiences like this post-Covid.”
    Email for more information about the flamingo fundraiser.

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