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Judge chosen for elementary history project

One student from Miss Milford’s class chose to do their “Live Wax Project” on her father, Judge Calvin Milford.
Cartez Heard has been a student at Eastside for many years. He had heard of Judge Milford, Chambers County District Judge, just from being a local resident. Now that his teacher is Judge Milford’s daughter, Cartez took special interest in wanting to learn more about what he does for the community.
He asked permission to choose Judge Milford as his “Influential Person.” Cartez was able to learn about where Judge Milford earned his Undergraduate and Law Degrees from, what kind of court dockets he hears, and his plans for retiring to farm life in just a few short years.
Cartez was able to borrow a judicial robe and personal gavel from Milford. He was even surprised on Presentation day with a special visitor.

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