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Judge’s opinion expected soon after April 14

As of Monday, March 20th, has received an update from the Honorable Judge Keith Watkins.
Court transcripts have been filed by the court reporter. Trial briefs are now due by all parties on or before April 14th.
We should expect an opinion from the honorable Judge Keith Watkins sometime after April 14th, said Superintendent Casey Chambley.
Chambley added, “All of our secondary students were polled in mid-February with a survey whereby they were able to vote on mascot and naming proposals for the new high school.
The feedback on the survey data was collected by the district’s architect that is guiding the process.
After this final survey was completed, all of the data collected will be provided to the district’s board members who will weigh all of the information collected throughout the process.
Each phase of the process will carry weight in the selection of the new name, mascot, and colors. No one phase will be solely used to determine the final choices made by the board.
The goal was to provide a wide range of opportunities for everyone to participate in the process from those that attended town hall meetings to parents, students, staff and community members having input.”

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