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Lewis to move, leaves city race

By Scott Sullivan
Saugatuck City Council member and former mayor Garnet Lewis Friday withdrew Friday from the Nov. 7 council race, leaving the city with three candidates — Holly Anderson, Russ Gardner and Logan White — for as many seats.
Lewis and partner Vicky Lepoir are moving into more space in nearby Saugatuck Township. As such, the Holland League of Women Voters city candidates’ forum planned Tuesday stood to feature the three hopefuls who remain.
“Vicky and I have always wanted a bit more room so we could host family and friends,” said Lewis,
“Rather than actively looking, we were waiting for the right opportunity to present itself,” she went on. “While we hoped we might find a place within the city, we are happy with the home we have settled on in the township.”
“It has been my absolute honor to serve the City of Saugatuck since moving here in 2015. I think we can all be very proud of the recent city accomplishments and I anticipate many more as a result of the fine professional staff and strategic planning processes implemented by the council,” Lewis said.
The former Saginaw County Democratic Party chair ran for the 98th District Michigan House in 2008, Senate in 2014 and 2018, before in 20019 being elected to the first of two 2-year terms here.
Lewis changed things. Onto the township.

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