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LHS graduates 45, $3.7 million in scholarships earned

LaFayette High School Class of 2023 graduation night
Number one honor student Emrald Wilkins speaks at graduation
Number two honor student Keziyah Morgan speaks at graduation
Class song lead by three of the class top ten students.
Packed house for 2023 graduation

By Pamela Whitlow

The LaFayette High School Class of 2023 graduated 100% of its class on Tuesday night at the LaFayette High School Bulldog Gymnasium.

What started out as a beautiful cloudy overcast day with great weather for an outdoor graduation, ended as a down pour of rain literally 10 minutes before the class of 2023 got ready to walk across the field at the Bulldog Stadium to receive their long awaited diplomas.

The graduation ceremony was rushed to the Bulldog gymnasium because of the inclement weather. The teamwork of teachers and volunteers stepped up to get the gymnasium ready for the 2023 graduation ceremony.

The gym of course was a packed house with family and friends filled with excitement to celebrate the grads.

There were a total of 45 students to receive their diplomas with a total of $3,784,858 awarded in scholarships.

The top two honor students of the class of 2023 were the speakers for the night.
Number one Emrald Wilkins talked about how she can see her classmates years from now still being a successful and productive class, while number two honor student Keziyah Morgan talked about fun memories the class made together for the last 13 years. The class welcome was by number 3 honor student MaKenzie Finley.

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