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May I Walk with You? Created by, For, Sharing Love

            In the scriptures we read that God is Love and that whoever lives in Love lives in God and God lives in them.  If God is love, then Love created the Universe and all that is in it including you me.  It is very exciting to think that each of the planets, stars, animals, and all that exists was created by Love, for Love.  Not only that, but all things were created from Love and that our destiny is Love.  In essence, the root of existence and all that exist is Love!

            Several years ago, scientists thought they had discovered the “God particle”.  It was thought that the physical universe was composed of these tiny particles.  They were the building blocks of all that exists.  It was exciting!  Yet, not as exciting as the notion that all things were created by Love, from Love, and that all things are built for Love and Love intends for us to live in Love and share Love with each other!

            Enter Artificial Intelligence.  Wow!  Just think about all the things it can do for us.  Some people say that it can keep track of every person in the world, create new medicines, diagnose illnesses more accurately than humans and provide the best treatments.  Through AI all financing, banking, weather, manufacturing, agriculture, education, and all aspects of life will be greatly enhanced, and we will live longer and healthier.  It is said that AI will be able to think, program itself, and perhaps become super-human.  It will be able to store and retrieve records, predict future events, instantly.  But will AI be able to love?

            There have been numerous attempts to define Love.  It can be said to be a romantic attraction, good-will, a bond between people, a positive feeling, the unwritten social contract, an irrational, undefinable mystery, a glue that holds society together.  One thing we can all agree on is that Love is the most powerful force in the world.  Love is the greatest motivation, gives purpose to life, and is something that we would die for.  Those who know Love and have experienced it, never want to be without it.   We would cease to exist without it.

            We, you and I, and everyone are made for Love.  We hunger for Love and we are never happier that when we Love and are Loved.  It is my hope that you will find the Love that you would give your life for and die for.

            “May the Lord bless and keep you.  May he let his face shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you his peace.”

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