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Mike’s Musings: A new found admiration for those who endure pain

As I sit here with a walker at my side, I have gained a newfound affinity for those that must endure ailments and pain. You see I’ve been very healthy all my life, and never have had surgery. I didn’t understand the pain and suffering many, particularly the elderly face each day.
My suffering is negligible. A broken hip is minor, and will heal, compared to many who have incurable maladies that they must live with each day. In many respects they are the true heroes because pain prohibits you from maintaining a normal life. You are limited to what you are willing to endure, and for many that is very little.
When we are in our youth we think we are invincible. I’m the perfect example. I paraded around in perfect health, never seeing a doctor, never getting a physical, and living on a fast food diet. I thought I could continue this behavior through out my life, but unfortunately Father Time has caught up. A simple fall off a bicycle forced hip surgery.
I watched a documentary over the weekend about a world class bicycle daredevil who raced his BMX bike down the side of mountains. He was at the pinnacle of success when he took a severe tumble. The documentary outlined his road to recovery- from not having movement in his legs to eventually riding a bike again. It was painful to watch. But his struggles, and those of several others profiled were eventually uplifting and again, I can only label these people as heroes for doing what it takes to normalize their lives despite overwhelming pain.
I know next time I encounter someone in a wheelchair or using a walker, I will salute them for their courage to be out and about. For them the ability to live a normal life will most likely never be achieved. But they press on, and I admire their courage immensely.
My brother-in-law is an exceptional example. He didn’t break bones, nor does he have to be in a wheelchair but he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Through sheer positivity and a strong belief in God, he is now in remission. He is a shining example of living life to the fullest and facing cancer head-on. I admire his courage and faith. He is a hero in my eyes.
Another group we sometimes overlook are those that take care of the sick and debilitated. I couldn’t do the job because it takes a great deal of patience and understanding. Many of us give up our lives to take care of a sick relative or friend. Others are hired, but the rewards and pay are minimal. Caregivers including spouses and children need to be recognized for their selfless acts. They too are heroes.
Next time you see someone in a wheelchair, or a caregiver scurrying to take care of her patient, give them the thumbs up. They deserve it.

3 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: A new found admiration for those who endure pain

  1. I’m guessing your brother-in-law got some treatment other than just “sheer positivity and a strong belief in god”.

  2. I admire you for sharing this article. I am a survivor of Fibromyalgia since being diagnosed in 2004. Many years before 2004 I experienced severe pain but continued to live a normal lifestyle. Just keep going and going until I couldn’t go on. Daily I endure pain without complaining because who is gonna listen or truly understand there is no cure for chronic consistent pain.

    Great Article

  3. Proof once again that you never truly understand something until it happens to you or affects someone you know. Experience is eye opening.

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