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Mike’s Musings: A proud father offers praise to graduating son

I apologize in advance because some of you think I pontificate too much on my personal life, but I gotta reach out one more time and congratulate my son on earning his BA degree in political science from Eastern Michigan University on Sunday.

Many of you know Jordan from all he does for Wilcox Newspapers. Even though he has carried a full load of class credits for the past four years, he has been my righthand man at the newspapers for that period as well and has taken on many tasks involving customers and employees.

For him, his four college years were like none other. The first year was normal- dorm room, cafeteria food, in-person classes. Then came COVID. The school closed, no dorm, no in-person classes. Professors and students had to learn how to utilize the internet to teach and learn. It was truly a mess in the beginning but over time teachers and students were able to cope with the new method.

This for my son, Jordan, went on for the next 2 ½ years. It became a running joke. There he is working at his office desk, and suddenly, he announces “don’t bother me, I have to take a test.”

This being his final year and COVID behind us, he returned to in-class learning. I could tell from his demeanor; he was really enjoying going to campus and interacting with students and professors. His whole attitude about school had changed and he was learning much more than the previous two years of online classes.

Those that interact with Jordan by business email are amazed when they find out he is “just a college kid.” Through his many years of working at the newspapers- heck he was delivering papers at age 4, he has gleaned more knowledge about newspapers than even possess.

He is our IT guy. There is nothing he can’t fix. He was building computers at eight years of age. At age 13, he took over our IT department and employees appreciate his ability to fix what problems they may have, quickly and efficiently. He then learned the ins and outs about the circulation department, which he now heads u.

Where dad can be standoffish and overly critical, Jordan has become the perfect counterbalance with his positive personality and attention to detail. We make a good team, but I am looking towards the future, when he slowly begins taking on more responsibility.

Wilcox Newspapers will always survive because we work harder than anyone else. The two of us, as well the dozens of caring employees we have, will do what it takes to make our newspapers the best they can be despite the challenges of 21st century competition.

A college degree is worthy of praise. Jordan earned it despite COVID and despite a fulltime job. My hats off to you son for that accomplishment. If you happen to interact with him in the next few days, I will ask you to offer your congratulations. I know he would be very appreciative.

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