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Mike’s Musings: Close the Border no, not later

I don’t understand why we can’t close off the border and allow legal immigration to take place.
In the last three years, over 5,000,000 illegals have crossed into the United States. That’s 5,000,000 people taxpayers are housing, feeding and transporting all over the country. A good percentage of those illegals are younger males looking for work, but there are also hundreds that are looking to do disobey our laws, some raping and pillaging our communities.
Several solutions have been tossed asunder. Some have worked in the past. For instance, sending the national guard to the border to stop illegal entries makes a lot of sense. So does finishing the wall that Trump made a big deal about. The thing is both those suggestions act as deterrents quite well.
Then there is the Remain in Mexico policy, that was dissolved when Biden came in to office. With this we coordinate with the Mexican government to keep illegals in their country, not the United States. In turn, you can bet, the Mexicans will not allow the troves of illegals to enter their southern border as well.
One of the asides that really bothers me is the number of Chinese illegals that are entering. They make up the largest group of illegal migrants and they seem to be well choregraphed and taken care of as they make their trek to our country. I worry that some of these Chinese illegals will be up to no good- subversion and the like.
I’m just as compassionate as the next person when it comes to helping those in need, but there are limits as to what I can do, and there are limits as to what we can do as a people. If we continue to allow free access into our country, and then provide housing, food, medical, schooling, etc, to all these illegals we will soon be bankrupt. We cannot sustain the amount of aid we are dishing out.
Add to that, the Mexican cartels, that traffic many of those crossing. They take a couple grand for each, and if you’re a young female you might be forced to pay with prostitution proceeds. The cartels made a ton of money from drugs, but trafficking appears to be an even better gig for them. Whether it’s fentanyl, that is killing our young people, or young ladies they can offer as prostitutes, money is pouring in to their bank accounts.
I would ask that we all wake up, and realize what is happening in this country, and in turn, pressure our elected officials to secure the border.
Why must we be one of the only countries in the world to allow illegal access to our country. It doesn’t happen in Egypt, where Palestinians are trying to cross. It doesn’t happen in Europe, nor in Asia. Only in America. Why?
Do we really think we can take care of everyone? What about our own poor? What about our brave soldiers that fought on our behalf, and some of them are living in squalor. Shouldn’t they come first before a Venezuelan who can’t speak our language and has no education?
Of course not. More money isn’t needed. Simply send the national guard to the border and stop those trying to enter illegally. Demand Mexico to stop allowing caravans through their country. Tell the world, illegals will no longer be allowed in. Let’s get it done, and get it done now.

2 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Close the Border no, not later

  1. You have the heart of a true MAGA, Mike. You are of the right wing view that all of these people are rapists, murderers and cartel members. That is simply not true. To often you spread dis-/mis- information because it supports your views. The vast majority simply want to escape oppressive regimes find an honest job and try to live a normal life. The Republicans got what they wanted and flushed it because it would make Biden look good. Even the WSJ endorsed it. Here’s a thought. How about trying to solve the problem from the root cause and not the result. But simply saying “go home and get murdered or raped” isn’t the answer.

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