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Mike’s Musings: Election results prove country deeply divided

Now that the Mid-Term election is over (at least in most states) it is time to reflect on the results. I’m happy to say voter turnout was better than expected in most states which indicate our Democracy is alive and well despite what naysayers may say.
Three observations come to mind- the political landscape hasn’t changed much from before the election and lying has become an artform for most politicians.
First the political landscape favored Democrats before the election. The “donkey” party held the presidency and both houses of Congress, albeit by very very slim margins. Now that the election has passed it looks like they will actually gain a seat in the Senate (depending upon the Georgia runoff) and they will lose the House of Representatives by maybe 4 or 5 seats (again, that depends on races that haven’t been called yet in some states).
That means our government will continue to be divided. Before the election 45 percent basically identified as Democrats, 45 percent as Republicans, and the remainder as independents. After the election it hasn’t changed.
Most pundits predicted a “red wave” meaning Republicans would control the House, Senate and most state legislatures. Because Republican candidates in many states including Michigan insisted on legislation that prohibited abortion no matter the circumstance, Democrats, with their more liberal abortion stance won out.
Issues like border security and crime failed to move many voters. Instead inflation and abortion ruled the political landscape despite what pre-election polls might have indicated.
Secondly, maybe because I have been observing elections for several decades, I am not a fan of extending the time it takes to get election results. As of this writing, we still don’t know who will be governor of Arizona and it took 5 days to determine the outcome of the senate race in Nevada.
States need to study Florida’s example. There election results were known within a few hours of the polls closing. Counting for days on end only makes voters wonder whether their vote is being counted properly.
Back in the day we knew the results from every state on election night. It was not a big deal. It is disconcerting to me now, that we don’t know the results in some states for several days later. They need to get their act together.
Third, the art of fibbing has bothered me for some time, but now it is rampant through our political and bureaucratic system. The CIA and FBI have always told tall tales as part of spying and law enforcement. It has always been an accepted practice to justify the result.
I suppose at some degree the same could be said for the office of presidency. Presidents, throughout history have lied to protect the “greater good.” But lately our presidents have failed to tell the truth on numerous occasions. President Trump was labeled “the liar and chief” and President Biden has told more than his fair of fibs as well.
But it doesn’t stop there. Elected officials, bureaucrats and candidates all lie to make themselves look better. They think they know what is best for the citizens they serve and will frequently lie for what they call “the greater good.”
I don’t like it. As a citizen and voter, I believe the people that represent me and work in government should be telling the truth. I shouldn’t have to study every word said, and try to determine what is truth and what is fiction.

2 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Election results prove country deeply divided

  1. Only reason why the demonrats won because on dominion voting machines stole our vote again. Such a shame to see Michiganders sit back and take that on the chin.

  2. naysayers may say. I say you have been in a town of naysayers most of your life .. you shouldnt take us for granite .. we may be slow and honest is why its taken us so long to figure it out . now that the shoe is on the other foot we will see .. keep them free grants coming for the review .. deeply sadden me that u would take the route of a far left non loving demrat .. may god be with u

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