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Mike’s Musings: Fearmongers seeking more COVID restrictions, again

Here we go again- or I would like to say, I hope not.

I continually hear rumblings that COVID vaccinations are again going to be required and masks mandatory in some locations. Will this lead to more schools and business shutdowns? It better not.

New COVID vaccinations are being rolled out in September, and President Biden is on record encouraging all of us to get it. No mandatory edict has been issued as of yet. However, he has asked Congress to provide billions to drug companies to produce another, more effective vaccine. His request for $7.9 billion for the same, was rejected by Congress in early 2023.

There are a variety of COVID variants circulating. The newest is called Pirola, and the first case in the U.S. was discovered in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Other variants have been circulating for quite some time and are responsible for the hospitalization of 13,000 people in the U.S. last week. That supposedly is an increase from previous weeks, but a far cry from the close to 50,000 people in hospitals from COVID at its peak.

Additionally, only 251 people died with COVID symptoms last week. That number is the lowest it has ever been since the epidemic started in early 2020.

Yet some of us have issued the battle cry – demanding mandatory vaccines and masking up. For instance, Morris Brown College in Atlanta had demanded all students must wear masks, and further, no large gatherings will be allowed. Many hospitals across the U.S. have instituted mask mandates. A school in Kentucky closed in-person classes in favor of remote learning. A Hollywood movie studio won’t allow any one on set without a face covering.

This is how it began in 2020. Social media fueled a hysteria that many of us willingly complied to masking up and learning at home. History, I believe, has told us that was a mistake. Shutting down our economy and forcing our children to learn remotely severely damaged our society.

Thousands, if not millions of businesses were forced into bankruptcy. Millions of teens face mental health issues because they were unable to socialize. I feel badly for those like my son who attended college, but for two years was forced to take courses online and didn’t have the chance to socialize or enjoy on campus life.

Those years were a mess, and it was all dictated by a government and public health officials that didn’t know what they were doing. Check out the death totals from COVID. It likely will shock you how few people died from the virus in comparison to heart disease or cancer.

I have my fingers crossed it won’t happen again. I have my fingers crossed that the general population will not accept any mandatory demands from officials. COVID is a virus, much like the flu, that affects the elderly or those with health issues more so. It is not a disease the general population should fear. I suggest we pay more attention to heart disease and cancer cures, than what the next strain of COVID might bring us. Put that $7.9 billion, President Biden, to mental health issues, rather than handing it to Big Pharma for another COVID vaccine.

11 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Fearmongers seeking more COVID restrictions, again

  1. Millions of businesses lost? Where did that number come from other than your mind. You might also want to point out that small businesses are opening by the millions (per USCC numbers – I have a source). This is called misinformation and you seem to regularly offer it up as fact. And as you blame these closures on the pandemic (as many were) you should also point out that 18% of small businesses close within the first year and 50% in the first three. While I agree that more money needs to be spent on mental health care anyone who decides to ignore rises in COVID infections is just waiting for the next strain that doesn’t respond to treatment. It’s called caution. Quit making things up or at the least add a disclaimer as to what are facts and what are opinion.

    1. How about you take caution for yourself, and stop worry about other people. If you want to lock yourself down, work remote, mask up and get boosted – then by all means, please do it and live how you want to live. Society shouldnt have to pay a price for your internalized and subjective fear over covid. And that applies to everyone. If you have a problem with individualism, then maybe you’re in the wrong country.

  2. Agree with comment by Craig Ball. Additionally, “only 251 people died with covid symptoms last week” is rather insensitive and heartless. Tell that to the loved ones of those 251 people.

    1. Framing anyone as insensitive and heartless, as if theyre ralling for death, simplu for rejecting unconstitutional mandates is a radical take. I could say the same of you for the suicides, livelihoods lost, drug and alcohol uptake, lost education that mandates caused. Its completely out of line. Shame on you. Take care of yourself and those closest to you, thats be best anyone can do. The fear mongering, radical blaming, covid extremism needs to stop. WHO and CDC have cited masks and vaccines do not prevent transmission, come with risks of their own. Lockdowns have been ruled as destructive by the WHO as well. Please…. enough.

  3. People die every year from the flu, often those with compromised immune systems.
    Dying WITH is not dying OF.
    Also, people die every day. It’s part of living.

    And we can’t kill our society to “save” those who are going to die soon anyway.

    Lose weight. Get strong. Stay home if you’re vulnerable.

  4. That is absolutely the most ridiculous article you’ve ever written. Do you think wearing a mask is going to kill you? As far as thinking remote learning is damaging kids mental health because they can’t socialize, they must have bigger problems than socializing. And about “only 250 people dying last week” comment, you should be made to face everyone of the families and tell them that!!!! And to the one commenting , “we can’t kill society to save those who going to die soon anyway” obviously never lost anyone they cared about. You sound like the most heartless person alive.

  5. Scott, you call it like you see it and this is what thousands of your fans love about you.
    Please do not listen to these whiney losers who are afraid of their own shadow.
    They dictate how society should act from their precious little keyboards while fearfully hiding behind these dystopian organizations and the criminals who have taken control of them through
    Lies and Deceit as they create and enforce policy’s and laws that enrich and benefit only
    themselves while destroying the very society they are mandated to protect.
    Continue to speak the TRUTH Scott, we need more Americans just like you!!!

    1. It would HAVE been nice if you had gotten his name right.

      Not a whiney loser. That would be those going to jail for insurrection. LOL.

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