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Mike’s Musings: Israel deserves our support- some observations

War is never pretty, but I certainly cannot fault Israel for engaging with Hamas after that terrorist organization slaughtered 1300 Jews and 32 Americans in a surprise attack September 14.
I make the following observations:
Do not equate Palestinians with Hamas. Hamas is and has been a terrorist organization for decades. It is true that they pretty much hold the leadership positions in Gaza, but there are many many Palestinians that hate Hamas.
Do not try to convince me that Israel has no right to eradicate Hamas, and in so doing so killing innocent Palestinians. Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon are well-armed, well-trained militias, surrogates of Iran, with the stated purpose of killing all Jews, and with a united hatred for the United States. Their barbaric murders of children, teens and adults in Israel is horrific and they need to be punished.
Moreover, the greatest misdeed on the part of Hamas is they took 153 hostages, 13 are Americans, and many are children or senior citizens. At this writing no one knows where they are, or if they are even alive. Can you imagine if your teen who was attending a concert was suddenly carried away in a van and held hostage? Many friends and families are grieving at this point. Job number one should be to get those hostages and bring them to safety.
As I previously stated, Hamas not only considers Israel as an enemy, but the United States as well. We must be concerned about what is brewing here in our country. It is essential that we close our borders so that terrorist do not find it easy to cross into our country and wreak havoc. As it is now they really don’t have to sneak through enemy lines. They can simply cross the Rio Grande, like thousands currently do, and make their way to a destination point. Let’s not make it so easy.
We must negotiate with Egypt to open their borders and allow Palestinians refuge. Hamas is demanding that Palestinians stay in Gaza. When the ground war begins they will use them as human shields. Israel is demanding that they get out of Gaza. Problem is Egypt, the closest country, will not let them flee within their boundaries. The U.S. sends millions in aid to Egypt. They have leverage. They need to use it so Palestinians have a place to re-locate.
We can’t be afraid that this war will escalate. It probably will. Hezbollah will engage on the northern front and they have more armory than Hamas. There is also reports that rockets are being fired from Syria at Israel. Iran will request all their proxies engage with Israel, but fear not, Israel has one of the best defense forces in the world and they will handle all comers. The U.S. needn’t send troops to help. Israel has got this.
We must not fall victim to the demands from the United Nations and other countries to stop the invasion. They will shout loudly as will the New York Times and other media, who see Israel as Goliath and Iran’s proxies as David. Let Israel destroy the terrorists and in so doing it will make the United States safer.
Remember this is Israel’s 9-11. Give them the opportunity to destroy the evil forces that want them dead.

2 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Israel deserves our support- some observations

  1. Hamas is a terrorist organization that has no problems with killing innocent civilians. They have no place in the civilized world. Having said that, the idea that killing ANY innocent civilians is justified is just as evil as Hamas. The fact that you think it’s alright is sad.

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