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Mike’s Musings: Kennedy needs to be heard in this presidential cycle

With nearly 70 percent of the electorate opposed to a second term for President Joe Biden, he announced this week that he’s running despite that number and historically low approval ratings. It could very well be a race between Biden and Donald Trump, the two oldest presidential candidates in history. I’m not sure that is what is best for our country.
Since Biden has announced it is very unlikely that Democrats will line up to challenge him. Perennial candidate Bernie Sanders might jump in again, but he too is considered too old. An interesting challenge has popped up from Robert Kennedy Jr, who announced he would challenge Biden a week earlier. Polls immediately showed he had 14 percent of the vote upon announcing.
I have written about my admiration for Kennedy, and the unpopular position he has taken against those pushing vaccines for every virus known to mankind in the last thirty years. Kennedy, in fact, wrote an 800-page book accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates of all sorts of malfeasance.
Kennedy provided a strong resistance to Fauci and his ilk that demanded we all take the Covid-19 vaccines. He has claimed they were administered for personal gain and greed, and only the very old and vulnerable should have been subjected to mandatory vaccines.
He has also claimed the HIV vaccine that Fauci touted during the AIDS epidemic in the early 1990’s did more harm than good. More people died from AIDS, said Kennedy because they were administered the vaccine, than if they had been administered other forms of treatment.
Beyond his anti-vax positions, Kennedy is opposed to the war in Ukraine. Like many of us, he sees us throwing good money after bad to a war effort that has only one outcome- a win for Russia and the deaths of thousands of innocent Ukrainian people. Like myself, he cannot understand why Biden or Blinken or whomever hasn’t demanded both parties come to the negotiating table.
Biden needs a challenge on the Democrat side of the aisle. Hopefully Kennedy can mount that challenge. I believe he has a lot to offer beyond his magic name. At the very least his diverse and often differing opinions on the course of our nation need to be heard.
I question whether the legacy media will allow him to express these opinions. They like to shut down positions that don’t fit their pro-Biden narrative. They don’t like to admit that that narrative has proven to be untrue in the past. I hope I am wrong, and he gets the national platform he deserves.
The same national media has tried to derail Florida Governor Ron DeSantis before he has even announced his presidential candidacy. God Forbid, we might have a younger candidate enter the race and give Trump a formidable challenge. That would destroy what those in power appear to relish- a second Biden vs Trump presidential race.
As a nation we simply can’t afford to drown out Kennedy’s voice or destroy a DeSantis candidacy. I say let them be heard, loud and clear, and then let the voters decide whether either can mount a better platform than Biden or Trump

8 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Kennedy needs to be heard in this presidential cycle

  1. 🥴 hopefully you highlight other candidates..not just far far right ones..he’s too far right in my opinion. Just as bad a DeSantis

  2. Wilcox Newspapers. The Fox News of SW Michigan. If you want to “muse” try doing it without all the BS. You are a threat to our state and country.

  3. If you want a book banner that’s power hungry and vindictive and an anti-vaxxer for your candidates – watch out America. We aren’t interested in your political views.

  4. While I appreciate your take on the upcoming election and your pick’s for the candidacy I feel that the Kennedy’s have already served this Nation. I am tired of politicians with “skeleton’s” in their closets and “IOU’s due” to donors and lobbyists. If anything, Trump as shrewd businessman proved that someone not shackled by a specific Party platform and agenda could turn this Nation around. Like Rome after 200+ years in existence, our government and way of life is in peril. On this current course, we will fail unless we have leaders that honor our Bill of Rights, adhere to and swear by our Constitution, and serve the “people”.

  5. Trump hopefully will win if Biden gets a second term our country will be a communist country and there will be no way getting it back to land of the free. Wake up people stop watching CNN (Clown News Network) or other msm channels

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