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Mike’s Musings: Nightmare in a latrine, lady can’t get out

A few days ago, a story popped up on my computer screen entitled Michigan police rescue woman trapped in outhouse. It piqued my curiosity because the article proclaimed it happened in Otsego, MI, where we publish the Union Enterprise. After further review I discerned it was actually Otsego County, Mi, but not to take away from the story, I found it very interesting.
Apparently, the woman, doing her business, dropped her Apple watch into the latrine. Now most of us would have cut our losses, chalked it up to stupidity, and exited the outhouse. But that was not the case for this determined woman. She climbed down the stinky latrine, or so the story goes, to fetch her prized watch.
She indeed sloshed around until she found it and started to climb back out only to realize she couldn’t get back out. She was stuck. Fortunately she had her cell phone and was able to call the cops, who came to her rescue.
I’ve read several stories of people being stuck in all kinds of situations but this has got to be the most bizarre. Imagine if she didn’t have her cell phone. Who knows how long she could have been stuck in that stinky hole.
ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE I was so happy to learn that Martha Menefield was the recipient of a $2500 air conditioning unit from a charitable group.
Menefield made the national news, when the Valley, AL resident was arrested for failure to pay her trash bill. That’s right the Valley Police Department was ordered to arrest the 82-year-old woman because she hadn’t paid her garbage bill that amounted to $77.
Talk about a public relations nightmare. It is understandable that people are responsible to pay what they owe. Most of us do. But for some, like Ms. Menefield, an elderly lady on a very low fixed income, should have been given consideration before arresting her. Find the lady some help for chrissakes. I’m sure there are several organizations that would foot the bill if contacted.
But since her arrest, many people and organizations have come to her aid, the latest being the air conditioner donation. So what started as a very dire situation for Menefield, has now worked to her advantage. Kudos to those who stepped in to support her.
ALSO ON A BRIGHTER NOTE avid readers of the Clare County REVIEW, will be happy to hear longtime Editor and correspondent Pat Maurer will be returning to her reporting duties. Pat survived two hear attacks and a lengthy stay in ICU, before recovering.
Well recovering is a misnomer. Pat, who is as determined as they come, will be recovering for the next several months. She is limited as to what she can do, but you an expect to see her byline on at least a couple of stories this week.
I can’t wait to read about her trials and tribulations with all she has been through these past few months. Her journey, the good and the bad, will be told, hopefully, as she begins her weekly column this week.

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