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Mike’s Musings: Release January 6 tapes, Epstein list

Our government seems to enjoy keeping sensitive information from you and I, even though we pay their salaries and place them in the positions they are in.

I believe the people have a right to know. It is not up to career bureaucrats and elected leaders to tell us we can’t handle sensitive information because we aren’t knowledgeable or don’t have the education to handle such information.

A case in point are the January Sixth tapes. Dozens if not hundreds of protestors have been arrested- many still languishing in DC jail cells waiting for their cases to be heard even though the so-called insurrection occurred more than two years. The FBI is still arresting people who were in town that day. Just a couple weeks ago two people from Michigan were arrested as January 6th conspirators.

The fact that there are several hours of video showing the unruly mob outside and inside the capitol have sparked many theories as to what was really going on. Some theorize that the FBI helped to incite the unruly protestors. Others claim the capitol police were negligent.

Why not release the video footage to the public so we all can make our own determinations as to what really happened. If the footage rules out what conspiracy theorists claim happened, then the issue can be put to rest. If on the other hand, the tapes show otherwise, our government and law enforcement will have a lot explaining to do.

A second case is the Epstein list. Someone is refusing to release this list to the public for fear it might incriminate many powerful people. Now you know if it were a list of ordinary people, it would have been released upon Epstein’s arrest, but because we know it will damage politicians and actors we can’t publicly release the list.

We aren’t talking about petty crimes here. We are talking about pedophilia and sex with underage children. People didn’t fly on the Lolita Express, to visit Epstein’s tiny island for an innocent getaway. No their intent was to engage in illegal activities, mainly sex with underage females. Many names have already been published on Twitter and the like, so releasing might actually exonerate some, while damaging others.

The public demanded that the video that filmed Paul Pelosi and his attacker be released. It took weeks and a court order for the film to be released. In the meantime there were all sorts of conspiracy theories floated. Once the video was releases, everyone was able to view a rather heroic Pelosi remaining calm under attack from a hammer wielding maniac. The conspiracy theories were laid to rest, and Pelosi was honored at the State of the Union address.

Video is a powerful tool in discerning truth. If it is released to the public, we can form our own opinions on what happened on January 6th. It might very exonerate the FBI and capitol police. But refusing to release it only foments suspicion and conspiracy theories. Release it government officials, and while you are at it, let us know who visited Epstein’s island.

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  1. The involvement of the government with the Jan 6th Protest is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what they cause and cover up. It is completely one sided. Do as we say not as we do. You can only cover up so many lies until you can’t remember the first one you told. It’s all coming out soon just a little more patience.

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