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Mike’s Musings: Senate too old to lead effectively

I been on this train for several years, but I refuse to get off. My elected representatives particularly in the U.S. Senate, are generally too old, and need to retire. In fact, I believe we should have a maximum age, one is allowed to serve in Congress. How about capping it at 80, or maybe even 75?
Unbelievably the median age of the Senate has risen from 51-years-old in 1985 to 65-years-old presently. Conversely, the median age for everyone in the United States is 38 years old.
Now some might say the older you get, the wiser you are, but at some point, that wisdom results in dementia for many of us. I’m sorry but we aren’t as sharp at 80, as we were at 40. As an example look at Diane Feinstein, God rest her soul. She was the oldest Senate member at 90, and had all sorts of comprehension and speaking problems, yet at 40 or 50 she was a phenomenal leader for her state and country.
I’m most concerned about Mitch McConnell. At 81, there are others much older, but as Senate Minority Leader, he has suffered from several instances where he has been in front of the podium and then his mind goes blank in mid-sentence. You feel bad for the guy, but on the other hand, he is one of the most powerful people in the world and has senility problems. He should retire immediately or at least step down from his chairmanship.
But then again some say the same about our president. He has known to “go blank” as well in mid-sentence. Sometimes what he says makes no sense. Now 80, if re-elected he will be 84 at the end of his second term, far too old in my opinion to lead the free world.
His likely opponent, former president Donald Trump, does not suffer from any signs of senility. At this point his mind is as sharp as if he was 40. But again, he is 78. Many would argue that is too old to be our leader.
A maximum age (and I do believe it should be instituted in the Supreme Court as well) would insure a more vibrant, “get things done,” attitude in the Senate. Currently I view the Senate as almost useless, filled with octogenarians that hang out together, but really don’t get anything done.
The House of Representatives, on the other hand, that has a much younger median age, and must be re-elected every two years (senators serve a six year term) work hard to introduce new bills and provide oversight for governmental agencies. These reps actually govern, where the Senate sits on their hands.
Our government simply needs young blood. We need to drive down the senate median age to 50 or 55. We need to push out our leaders, who are too old to relate to the problems of newer generations. We need leaders who will be concerned about their children and grandchildren, and what their future holds, not those that appease for the here and now.
Bring on the Pepsi generation. Lets get leaders that really want to make life better for Americans, young and old.

One Reply to “Mike’s Musings: Senate too old to lead effectively

  1. While I would love to see some younger blood in the Senate your opening comment regarding the age of your elected Senators is not the truth. Debbie Stabenow is 72 and doesn’t seem to have any problems. Gary Peters is 64 so same applies. How about just once making a statement without throwing in some misleading crap. I know it’s not your brand but try a little harder.

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