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Mike’s Musings: Shut the border to prohibit terrorists!

I’m worried about our southern border. Millions of illegals have poured across the border in Texas and Arizona in the past few years. They come from all parts of the world- Central America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
It is the Middle East I am most concerned about. With Israel going to war against Hamas, the region has now become a powder keg, that may spread exponentially. Israel is shooting thousands of rockets into Palestine; Hamas is returning the favor into Israel. Hezbollah, another Israel hating terrorist group that controls Lebanon, is also exchanging rocket fire with the Jewish state. More worrisome, Iranian proxies in Syria are lobbing rockets at U.S. army bases and we are now returning fire. This all could blow up, and very quickly I may add.
We, the United States is Satan by the terrorists’ groups. We are big brother and Israel is our smaller sibling. They want to eradicate Israel and all Jews from the face of the earth, and then turn their sites on us, America.
Our open border policy, which allows thousands of deserving immigrants to make their way into a better situation, is fraught with problems, the number one being we are making it awfully easy for terrorists to enter our country and create havoc.
I would be willing to bet a thousand dollars, there are already several Middle East terrorist cells in this country preparing to attack us from within. Heck they no longer need to commandeer airplanes to get here, just wade across the Rio Grande.
9-11 or a similar attack will happen again unless we shut our borders. I simply don’t understand why President Biden, Congress and even Texas Governor Greg Abbott can’t send troops to the border to shut it down.
To me it is a no-brainer. Stop the flow of illegals, and thereby protect the very citizens you swore to keep safe. Although I’ve discussed the southern border the same must occur at our northern border. Amazingly border patrol agents have apprehended over 500 illegals on the terror watchlist in 2023. Most of them tried to enter from the north.
The number of illegals passing through U.S. checkpoints amounts to 2.8 million in 2023 so far. That’s on top of 2.7 million that entered in 2022. That’s more people than the population of some states.
But of major concern is the got-aways. Those illegals that enter the country without encountering border patrol. These are the people that cross the river in the shadows of the night, undeterred by the shining lights of border agents. Some of these are foreign agents that want to do great harm to our way of life in America.
We’ve got to put a stop to this. We have got to support our border agents with the National Guard. We are playing with fire and I fear that fire might start to burn in New York City, Detroit, or Birmingham AL.
We have a process in which people can immigrate to the United States. It is long and tedious but has worked for many years. Many of our friends and relatives have come to America through that process. It is a travesty that millions have entered by simply wading through a river. Shut the border now and demand those wanting to settle here, do it through the legal process.

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