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Mike’s Musings: Time to get control of Big Pharma

I’m not a fan of Big Pharma. If you read my columns regularly you know I have railed against the industry consistently. After all the sacrifices we made through the COVID pandemic, I think it is time to give them a piece of my mind again.
Never mind that Big Pharma, if you believe what one of the world’s foremost authorities, Robert Kennedy Jr, has to say about how Big Pharma, instead of helping, prolonged the AIDS epidemic. Never mind that Big Pharma, and their mantra “profit over wellbeing” killed thousands, or by now is it millions, by getting ordinary Americans hooked on opioids.
Now the relevations about COVID and the ineffectiveness of the vaccine that supposedly was to prevent us from getting the virus, has left me dumbfounded as to why anyone would believe their nonsense. The vaccine not only didn’t prevent us from getting COVID, in some cases has called severe illness and killed people.
In defense there are those, probably correctly that say although the vaccine has not prevented COVID, it has reduced its severity. They claim there my have been many more deaths, and severe illness if most of us had not taken the vaccine. I can neither disclaim nor claim that to be true.
I do know, for someone who refuses to take prescription medicine, no matter what if might be, I am much healthier because of that position. Heck I recently had a dentist admonish me for not taking the pain prescription he had given me. Needless to say, he is no longer my dentist.
I am Big Pharma’s nightmare. I am one of the few who will not line their pockets. I will not take their products and enrich their coffers, because I believe they have misled the public for decades. It’s all about the money baby, and Big Pharma knows that better than anyone. They produce drugs that cost pennies on the dollar, publicize and advertise them extensively, pass them on the clinics and doctors to administer (sometimes with kickbacks) and then watch the money flow without any real discernable proof that they are helping the public.
Kennedy Jr, our esteemed former president’s nephew, claims they do the opposite. Prescription drugs and vaccines developed to eradicate AIDS, SARS, and now COVID are ineffective at best. He bemoans the lack of testing and the irresponsible rhetoric that practically forces us to take drug or vaccine or face social consequences. And all of this comes at the behest of the Food and Drug Administration.
Pandemics like AIDS and COVID offer an opportunity for the unscrupulous to make a lot of money. They are a dream come true to drug companies who are first to the table with the latest miracle drug. There is no amount of money they can’t charge and no amount of pills or dabs they can’t produce to an unknowing public that seeks the cure.
As Americans we become unhealthier by the year. Obesity is a national crisis. Pill popping is as well. Big Pharma has to stop feeding us, but we as individuals, also need to reduce our intake. Have we learned anything from the opioid catastrophe? I hope so.

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