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Mike’s Musings: Who cares who has classified documents? Not I

Much ado about nothing, or so that’s what I would call the most recent hysteria about classified documents.

As background for those not following the storyline, classified documents which President Biden was required to return to the federal government at the end of his vice-presidential term, were discovered in three locations- one being his personal garage.

This was a few months after Biden’s Department of Justice authorized a raid on former President Trump’s home, seeking classified documents that he had not returned to the national archives.

Many conservatives were in disbelief upon hearing of the FBI raid at Mar-A-Lago. Supposedly Trump’s attorneys were actively negotiating with the National Archives to return the documents. The raid they felt was the DOJ flexing their authority in an inappropriate way.

Then months later lo and behold our current president was guilty of the same- keeping classified documents beyond his term in office.

Special prosecutors have been appointed to investigate both Biden and Trump’s classified document faux pax. At least in the case of Trump they are entertaining prosecution under the Espionage Act, although if one were to ask most legal scholars, this appears ridiculous.

Did I write, these special prosecutors have unlimited resources and budgets? Appointing special prosecutors is a new way of doing business in DC. They seem to be appointed far too often to investigate a myriad of so-called misdeeds.

In the case of the missing classified documents, that no one knew were missing until they were found, the appointment of special prosecutors to spend millions of dollars of our money to conduct investigations that will likely turn up nothing nefarious, is DC overkill at its finest.

After all our government leaders have a long history of keeping classified documents. Most recently Hillary Clinton was accused of storing top secret documents on her home server. Although there was scuttlebutt at the time, her home was never raided, nor was a special prosecutor appointed to go after her.

It is said that every single president in recent history has kept classified documents for their own personal libraries to some degree. That includes former presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton. It apparently wasn’t all that unusual, and no one seemed to care until the Trump raid.

As I wrote at the top in my humble opinion this simply is “much ado about nothing” and essentially gives talking heads a new topic to rant and rave about. But is it all that important when so many greater problems beset the United States and the world? I think not. In both cases, Trump and Biden, it is a “gotcha moment” for their enemies, but to spend millions to investigate, I don’t think so.

You can hate Trump or think Biden is unfit to govern, or think both are crooks, but to investigate either over classified documents that are many years old, and probably not relevant to current world affairs, is silly. They were wrong, I get it. But lets move on as a nation, and take on the problems that really plague us.

One Reply to “Mike’s Musings: Who cares who has classified documents? Not I

  1. Much ado about nothing? To me what all this points to is the fact that our government of the people, by the people and for the people are not held accountable like we the people would be in similar situations. Our nation’s government is not above the laws of our land and laws should be upheld against politicians as robustly as they are against the citizenry. What I find tiring is how slow justice moves in D.C.

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