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Natural gas outage reported in Fabius Twp.

FABIUS TWP. — Fabius Township residents with natural gas through SEMCO Energy experienced an outage of services Monday.

According to SEMCO Energy, the outage occurred Monday morning, July 17, due to a third party damaging a pipeline during construction in the area of Avery Road in Fabius Township. The outage affects customers around Clear Lake, Pleasant Lake, Corey Lake, Mud Lake and Long Lake, approximately 660 homes and businesses.

SEMCO officials say the process to restore service will take up to three days to complete, and they are working to do the restoration “as soon as possible.”

The process of restoring service, according to SEMCO, involves gas company personnel manually shutting off the valve at each individual residential and commercial gas meter. Pressure in the gas system and service, they say, will be restored to each customer individually. Employees from the company will also need access to each home in order to re-establish service and ensure all equipment is working properly. Company officials ask customers to not try to restore service themselves.

SEMCO customers are asked to call the company’s emergency phone number, 1-888-427-1427 if they smell natural gas.

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