Saugatuck/Douglas Commercial Record

New Douglas logo shows water, bird



Douglas has a new logo (see nearby) featuring a patient heron poised in wavy blue water in front of a burst of sunlight rays.

The latest branding item depicts the abundance of variety of life on shorelines.

According to mythology and folklore of many cultures, the heron represents elegance, patience, calmness and grace. It can also mean adaptability, transformation, good fortune and wisdom. 

The heron theme logo, per city officials, is intended to be a simplified, updated representation of the Douglas brand that can be used for marketing, stationary, wayfinding and as the official city seal. 

The new logo —already being used on official city stationery — replaces the village clock logo.  

Rebranding the Douglas logo involved use of a community focus group, input from all and open house events. 

Starting in late 2020, city officials began working with the Williams & Works planning firm of Grand Rapids to redesign the logo. The focus group told designers words such as charming, relaxed, artistic, friendly and progressive described the community. 

Members chose a color palate from seven themes presented and chose one taking inspiration from the water with simple wave shapes and colors that complement the Downtown Development District logo, creating a cohesion in identity.

The logo itself went through various revisions to get to the final product. Options included a stylized artistic letter “D” configured in the setting sun, or with artist brushes, cattails, anchors, sails and artist palates. 

The heron was featured in a variety of options against cattails, sunsets and waves.  Eventually the focus group simplified that into what they picked.

In addition to the logo rework, a wayfinding program is being developed to unify signage throughout the city. Goal: to create a navigable city, share information about key interest points and promote business districts. 

Signs will be installed in upcoming months.

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