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NRC eyes Palisades nuclear plant

By John Raffel

ALLEGAN – The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has started what is expected to be a year long evaluation of plans to re-open the Palisades nuclear plant, Allegan County commission chairman Jim Storey said in his weekly newsletter.
“Holtec International is seeking approval from the NRC to re-start the plant that was shuttered this past May,” Storey said. “At the same time, the company is seeking loan assistance from the energy department to modernize the plant. The NRC is responsible for licensing the country’s civilian nuclear plants with an emphasis on safety.
“This past week the agency conducted a public meeting on the Holtec request. I participated in the meeting and voiced support for the re-start, emphasizing the need for the electricity the plant generates. Michigan has a huge stake in expanding electric supplies with the state’s commitment to electric vehicle battery production.”
Storey also reported Kalamazoo County is completing construction of a $92 million courthouse for some of the county’s courts.
“According to published reports, maintenance of the new facility will require the addition of four workers,” Storey said. “The existing courthouse is expected to remain in operation while court operations are transferred to the new building.
“Allegan County has a $10 million plan to refurbish the existing county building and refresh the county service building to house administrative operations now housed in the county building. Both counties will gain new circuit court judges in 2025.”

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