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Oak Bowery celebrates new water supply tank

Oak Bowery Fire and Rescue Celebrates the Installation of its New 29,000 Gallon Emergency Water Supply Tank

On June 25, 2023, Oak Bowery Fire and Rescue, one of Chambers County’s 13 volunteer fire departments, celebrated the installation of its 29,000 gallon emergency water supply tank.

Joining the celebration was Chambers County Revenue Commissioner Beth Abney, Chambers County Commissioner James “Moto” Williams, Coosa Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council Director Chris Langley, and Amanda Ward, Coosa Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council.

Oak Bowery Fire and Rescue President Garrett Heaton explained to the approximately 70 people attending the event that having this new tank at the fire station allows us to provide better fire protection for the homes and businesses within our area of responsibility. He added that on average about 30,000 gallons of water are required to extinguish a house or structure fire. Our present fire trucks carry only 4,000 gallons of water. Once the water on the truck is sprayed on the fire, which takes only a few minutes, the fire truck must leave the fire and go to a source of water, re-fill the tank on the truck, then return to the fire.

Before the new water tank was installed at the fire station, the fire trucks had to be driven to Lafayette to re-fill the tank, and then drive back to the fire. As the re-fills were being done, the fires continued to burn. As was often the case, neighboring volunteer fire departments and the Lafayette fire department helped fight fires, and Oak Bowery helped other departments with their emergencies.

After the celebration at the Oak Bowery fire station, the group moved a couple of miles north to Shoofly Farm on US 431 for a Potluck lunch and enjoyed the huge variety of good food brought by members and friends.

You can reach Oak Bowery Fire and Rescue at 334.219.0092, on our website or email us at and please join us at our next Pot Luck. Watch for signs on the road as the event nears.

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