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Osceola committee discusses coordinator evaluation

By John Raffel

MARION – Osceola County Board of Commissioners’ personnel and administration committee, at a meeting earlier this month, discussed the evaluation form that Commissioner David Turner of Marion put together and if the Committee felt it was adequate to send out to the full board as it is.
Commissioner Mark Gregory discussed the importance of bringing up issues immediately as opposed to waiting for an evaluation period. Commissioner Roger Elkins of Evart provided a few suggestions and Turner said he would make the adjustments. Gregory asked for the evaluation to be sent out to the Commissioners as soon as the adjustments have been made. Gregory discussed the current County Coordinator job description versus County Administrator/Controller. Gregory discussed moving the position through a resolution. He said Osceola County is the only county that calls the position a Coordinator. Elkins said it’s time to change the title to administrator.
Val Delamater, Equalization Director, said the past year with the Coordinator, Tim Ladd, has been very good. More discussion was conducted on evaluation of all employees and Department Heads.

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