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“Out and About” Scams, spring cleaning, and some facts

I would like to take advantage of “Writer’s Privilege” and wish my sister a very Happy 90th Birthday. She has lived longer than both my parents and oldest brother, and the way she’s going, she’ll likely out live me. Happy Birthday Rebecca Ann!!
We must all be cautious of being scammed. People get scammed every day and there is something we can do about it. The elderly are the ones who are preyed upon, because the chances are they are more trustful than someone forty years younger. Here are a few ways to stay rational if you get one of those calls that offer you the moon:
• If you get upset or nervous while talking to a salesperson on the phone, simply say, “I won’t do this by phone. Send a letter. Goodbye.” Then hang up.
• Never make an immediate impulse-buying decision. Wait at least 24 hours to allow your emotions to subside before making a purchase.
• Get advice from a person you trust and respect. Merely discussing the situation out loud helps bring rationality back.
With spring just around the corner, the task of spring cleaning comes to mind. If you have a garage full of things less valuable than your car or truck, it might be time to get rid of those valuable items you can’t bear to throw away. Every garage has at least a few items that are still good, but you don’t have an immediate need for them. There are also items that you aren’t allowed to throw in the garbage such as batteries. You might check with an automotive store. If you buy a new battery from them, they should take your old one in trade.
If you have an old bicycle hanging from the rafters, and have no desire to ride again, why not offer the bike to a neighbor boy or girl. You can also check with a local bicycle store. A bike store may have an in-store donation program.
Almost every garage has a few unused building supplies. Check with a local Habitat for Humanity group. Chances are they’ll accept building materials, including flooring, unused lumber, light fixtures, doors, windows, bricks and fencing.
By cleaning out the garage, you’ll not only find some much-needed space, or that tool you thought had been lost forever. Most importantly, you’ll make the lady of the house happier, and that’s always a good thing. “Happy Wife – Happy Life.”
Here are some facts you never needed to know about:
There are some turkeys that blush just like humans. They get red in the face whenever they’re scared or excited.
Some animals wash their food before eating it. I’ve heard that raccoons are known to clean their food, but a group of Swiss zookeepers was surprised to witness some wild boars at the Basel Zoo take apples and even a dead chicken to a nearby creek to wash them before eating.
There’s enough gold to cover the surface of the earth. The only problem is that about 99% of earth’s gold is inaccessible, as it can only be found in earth’s core. If extracted, the gold would be enough to cover the entire planet in a golden wrapping.
College cutie, pigskin hero. Bristly kiss, here zero. – BURMA SHAVE
See you Out and About!
Norm Stutesman lives in Three Rivers. He receives mail at P.O. Box 103 in Three Rivers.

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