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Pet Rescue will close soon without funding

By Gari Voss

A March 31st deadline looms over the Sake of Being Humane Animal Rescue outside of Fennville, MI. Ashlynn Cluchey has been rescuing dogs since 2019 and housing them at her rental property on Blue Star Highway. The property owners have recently requested that Cluchey either purchase the property or move.
Moving is not a simple option that seems feasible since Sake of Being Humane currently houses 54 dogs. These animals have specific needs when seeking a forever home.
In an interview with Channel 13, Cluchey explained, “The imperfect dogs is what I like to call them, but they’re perfect to us. They might not get along with other dogs or cats, might not be a good fit for kids, or might need a fenced in yard.”
These animals often came from other shelters, which had a difficult time finding the right home for each given personality. Or they were mamas with pups, and the pups were adopted, but mama still needs a home. In some cases, Cluchey feels she saved their lives.
The fear is that another move before finding a “forever home” may be extremely stressful on dogs that are enjoying life at the pet rescue’s current location.
“Not only would they be stressed, but I think a lot of their behavioral issues might get worse,” says Cluchey.
At this point, the goal is to raise the $17,500 downpayment to secure a loan. “Everything else has fallen into place for the loan,” stated Cluchey.
For Cluchey, beginning a pet rescue was an “accident” after she graduated from high school. Her passion for animals led to a desire to give unadoptable dogs a loving home. At this point, locating other rescue facilities would be difficult and maybe impossible. Then, the final option would be euthanization, which is what she saved them from.
“So we have to fight for this… harder than we have ever fought before, because we made these dogs a promise to keep them safe, happy and healthy until they find their forever homes, and we fully intend to keep it!” Ashlynn wrote.
Though the current situation is stressful, overwhelming, exhausting and mentally draining, a path to home ownership has been constructed. By raising the $17,500, the facility ownership would be transferred and any move prevented.
For those who wish to donate, there are numerous avenues.
Venmo: @ForTheSakeRescue
Cashapp: $FTSOBHRescue
Check or Cash: mail to 2525 68th Street, Fennville, Michigan, 49408. All checks can be made out to Sake of Being Humane Animal Rescue.
If you are interested in giving a forever home to a dog which may have a specific need, contact Sake of Being Humane at (616) 990-7286.

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