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Petter Gallery Stroll features feast

J. Petter Galleries, 160 N. Blue Star, Hwy., will feature Rein Vanderhill’s fall painting shown, Kim Zahnow’s photo of a couple exploring other space interiors there and more during Fall Gallery Stroll 47 Saturday, Oct. 7.

From 2-4 p.m. Eve Ozer and Gail Mancuso will do artist meet-and greets to John Otto’s live music in the Saugatuck Annex; from 4-6 the Flagship Gallery will host artists Betsy Brinks, Matthew Swanson and Kathleen Newman and sparking wine tasting with Rheim Mulder to live music by Dave De Haan, all with light refreshments.

Journeyers far and near welcome. For more information, visit

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  1. Good Goods will be missed. I have lovely things I’ve purchased there over the years and it’s always a delight for the eye.

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