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Plainwell honors police officers

By John Raffel

PLAINWELL – The Plainwell City Council was set to honor several officers for their accomplishment at Monday night’s meeting of this week.
The Council was set to consider setting a public hearing for Oct. 23, 2023 at 7 p.m. to consider a Commercial Rehabilitation Tax Exemption.
The Council was also set to consider approving the sale of the DPS 2015 Ford Interceptor and consider approving the purchase of new Glock 45 9mm pistols with red dot sights, suppressor height sights, holsters and lights using funds from equipment auction and the Forfeiture Fund.
The council was also to consider approving the internal check list for Commercial Facilities Exemption Certificates.
Council members were consider approving the purchase of five Wayfinding signs from Signcrafters, LLC for the amount of $6550.
On the Water Meter Replacement Project, the Council will consider approving the quote from ETNA Supply for installation of new water meters with radio end points city wide, including lead service identification and cross connection surveys in residential buildings for $173,590 and adopting Resolution 2023‐31 to allocate the city’s ARPA Fund Allotment to fund the Water Meter Replacement Project.
The Council was also to consider approving contracts with Renewed Earth for $9,185.60, Advanced Hydrovac Inc. for $9,500 and Superior Groundcover, Inc. for $9,440. The cost of all three is $28,126, and is a budgeted item.

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