Postcard from the Pines: Baby, it’s cold outside!!!

Mill and Main NE corner 1955ish

The dog days of winter are here, and I don’t mean dog days because of the warmth. I mean dog days as in it’s so cold that we’ve had several three dog nights. If you are old enough, you know what that means, and I don’t mean the group Three Dog Night. The cold doesn’t inspire me too much, other than to stay in and look out.
These days, when the cold winds blow, we plan to keep busy going through the boxes and totes we moved but have not yet looked into. They are full of things which we are apparently not in a hurry for nor have given much thought. We took the time to pack and move it all, but we are, after dealing with so many more important things, are unmotivated to deal with the trivial. In the heat of the summer I reckoned that it would be easier to simply move this horde of stuff and sort for the garage sale later. I was probably wrong.
One end of the Gardener’s basement (on its way to being the new ‘Cave’) is stacked with the remnants of our move. Some of the totes, boxes and bags are Christmas decorations and have a purpose and a place to be; I just need to put them there. The others are full of the odds and ends from our 45 years of marriage and as many years in two different houses, the last being 28 years in the old homestead.
We’ve decided that we should have moved and thinned out our stuff, at least two more times than we have. We find too late there’s nothing like moving all your stuff to put what’s worth moving into perspective.
The plan for this stuff is for the Gardener and me to spend a few days going through and sorting it all into some general categories like garage sale, keep for kids, and trash and treasure. It may not be as easy as I think, but I’m hoping so. I’m driven by several motives, the foremost being the desire to thin things out. We do not wish to leave a lot of things for our kids to deal with one day. Most of it is stuff they do not want anyway. In fact, I haven’t been able to get them to take enough!
“Yeah, I want grandpa’s beer steins (desk, tool box, dinner table, etc.)! But you have to keep them for me for now.” I’ve heard this line way too many times. At least I know where those things are going even if I don’t know when.
A lot of what we are really dealing with here are memories and the things we hang on to to keep them alive. The memories we carry of good people and their places in time and in our lives don’t really need souvenirs. And the bad ones never really deserved any space.
A lot of sentimental things are bound to be on their way to other places, one way or another. To the Kiddos I say get yours now or it goes in the sale. If I am willing to part with some of my childhood treasures (incidentally a lot is going in the sale), you can take yours home.
Grandma Berry gave two year old Carrie a Betsy Clark doll cradle. It remains with us, in its original box. She is now a grandma herself. I’ve hung on to Matt’s Boba Fett Halloween costume, in its original box with the Kmart price tag, since the original Star Wars came out when he was five. They’ve just made an installment of the Star Wars saga about that character. That costume is worth a whole lot more now. Thank you, very much.
Some will land in the trash category being nobody’s memories but ours, not wanted but not for sale or donation. These items will be humanely burned at a later date in a backyard bonfire, preferably under a full moon after the snow melts and before the mosquitos hatch. There will be refreshments.
If this was an email or a text, this would be the place where I’d insert a winking smiley face and an LOL. I’m off for the basement.

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