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Questions swirl around proposed $25 million ‘Complete Health Park’

The only visible evididence of a new ‘Complete Health Park’ in Clare is this sign
on property behind Perterbuilt on the north side of theCity.

By Pat Maurer

The question around town has been, “When will we find out more about the $25 million Health Park that is reportedly coming to Clare?”
The answer to that question has been difficult to find, although through internet searches and FOYA requests, we have gleaned some information about the project.
After a bidding process, slightly less than 71 acres was purchased, reportedly as a location for the new facility, from Clare Northern Group. A representative of that company, Steve Stark reported that the property, located on the north side of the City, was purchased for $3.5 million by David Coker, Jr., representing the non-profit he established entitled “Complete Health Park”.
According to information from Clare County Equalization, the property’s taxable value is just over $266,000 and the property will uncap next year at just over $385,000, the new taxable value.
A sign saying “Coming Soon” is located on the property, which is located on the north side of Rebak Street/Road, directly north of the new Peterbuilt facility on Colonville Road, but a groundbreaking date is not known.
Other plans/designs for the new facility are unclear.
Last summer, then speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, Jason Wentworth of Farwell announced in a July 2nd press release, “The Michigan Legislature yesterday finished up work on the new state budget that will go into effect this fall.”
In that release, Wentworth announced that $25 million was included in the coming year’s budget for a “new community complex in Clare,” a one-stop concept. The release said, “It brings healthcare services, recreation and community events together in one place. Connecting those services will create new opportunities for the community, make healthcare easier to access and give everyone new options on how to find the care they need.”
In an interview Monday, April 24th, Former Speaker Jason Wentworth said, “I fought hard for state funding to create an integrated wellness facility in Clare County, and I hope the people running this project handle it correctly.
All too often, we are left behind when the state puts real money behind improving access to overall wellness and healthcare. But this plan would create a place where residents can find recreational activities, youth sports, and physical, behavioral, and mental healthcare providers all in a one stop shop. It is even supposed to include low or no-cost entry for low-income families and host regional sporting tournaments to draw families from all over the state to Clare County.”
Wentworth continued, “I secured that appropriation when I was the Speaker of the House before it was turned over to the state health department to do a competitive grant process. To ensure a fair and independent bid process, my role ended there, and I was not at all involved in procurement.
I sincerely hope that state officials handled that process appropriately and transparently while doing their due diligence. So long as that occurred, this initiative could be a major benefit to everyone living in Clare and Northern Michigan.”
A Wednesday email statement received just before deadline from Michigan 100th District Representative Tom Kunse, who was elected to fill Wentworth’s term-limited seat last November, and jointly authored by Michigan 34th District State Senator Roger Hauck, said, “The development of a health park is a tremendous opportunity for our community. However, serious concerns about the development have been brought to our attention by community members which has given us pause.
We have proactively shared those concerns with the appropriate officials and will continue to monitor this situation. Protecting taxpayer money is our top priority.”
 Background on the
proposed project:
In the State of Michigan Budget (Act 166 of 2022), Section 1996, it says the $25 million (appropriated to MDHHS – the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services) is a “one-time fund appropriation for a “Community Health Campus Pilot Project,” which was to be awarded to a nonprofit entity in a county with a population between 30,000 and 31,000. Clare County is the only county in the State …meeting that criteria – (Census population is 30,856).
According to Section 122, the funds were to be appropriated to a nonprofit entity and based on a feasibility study…
A post on “Bizapedia” says Complete Health Park, a Michigan Domestic Non-Profit Corporation was filed on June 2, 2022 (filing number 802867485). The registered agent listed is David W. Coker, Jr., who is the “director” of the new non-profit.
The “Articles of Incorporation,” obtained through LARA (the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs), say the non-profit was formed:
“To create and maintain online and physical health Parks that will bring outside professionals together to provide programs, facilities, and opportunities for individuals and communities to improve their levels of health. To create integrated wellness facilities that includes mental, physical, and behavioral health components. Those Components will be provided by independent professionals and companies as required by law and may include, but will not [be] limited to, the following services: Child care, Chiropractic care, Community Mental Health, Dental care, Optical care, Primary care, Rehabilitation services, Urgent care as sell as other physical fitness components.”
The resident agent named in the LARA document is David W. Coker, Jr.
The application to MDHHS from Complete Health Park lists a project start date last December and an end date of this fall with a project cost of $25,000,000.
It lists Anthony Demasi, (with a Mt. Pleasant address) as the Program Director; Dave Coker (with a Clare address) as Director; and Shannon Taylor (also of Clare) as Financial Officer.
Coker is also the Agent for State Advising LLC, established in 2018 by him.
The Grant agreement between the MDHHS and Complete Health Park lists the Budget Period from December 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023 for the “Integrated Wellness Facility Development – 2023. It lists Complete Health Park as the Grantee.
The MDHHS Contract Manager is Darrell Harden, Section Manager. Shannon Taylor is listed as the Grantee’s Financial Contact for the agreement. It lists the Responsible Staff as “Project Coordinator” but does not give a name.
The (proposed) budget listed in that document lists salaries:
*Accountant: $120,000;
*Director: $85,000;
*Secretary: $41,000;
*Consultant: $150,000;
*Attorney: $150,000;
*Executive Director: $150,000; and
*Web Developer: $25,000.
Fringe Benefits total $158,620, and the total for Employee Travel and Training (including air fare, lodging, per diem meals, expenses and conference center fees) totals $29,625.00. Listed for payroll services (Harrison & Newman CPA) and for Audit Services (Weinlander Fitzhugh) are $10,000 each.
Cloud Services and Website were listed at $14,500; budgeted for land purchase – $3,750,000.; building insurance was $55,000 in the budget; Property Build-out has a budget of $16,520.000; Bowling Alley Equipment was listed at $1,500,000.
An External Consultant is budgeted at $1,450,000.00; auto insurance is listed at $4,000 and meetings at $30,255.00 for a total of other expenses at $1,450.00.
Vehicle and maintenance of a vehicle was listed at $85,000; and aquatic facilities was proposed at $272,000.00, making a total for Capital Expenditures for Equipment and other – $18,377,000.
Program Expenses/Total Direct Expenses are listed at $25,000,000.
Total (proposed) Expenditures added up to $25,000,000.
Another requirement of the state funding, the “feasibility study,” (62 pages long dated October 1, 2022) was prepared by Anthony Demasi and Paul Heuschele of Goldman Advisors, LLC/Goldman Advisors Group, LLC in Mt. Pleasant. That Company is also known as Hoya Capital Management, LLC of Mt. Pleasant, according to a LARA Corporations Online Filing System.
Information in that study included:
Scope of Work
Complete Health Park has a phased project plan; Phase 1 will include land
acquisition, site preparation, and athletic fields. Phase 2 consists of building medical
office buildings and a playground structure. Phase 3 will finalize the whole project with the construction of the main complex. Additionally, other building “phases” may be
added on to include raising private funding to enhance this facility, create an even more technologically advanced Park, and add other desired facilities and services.
Cost and Benefit Overview
There are plans to offer this health and fitness facility to those who are below
200% poverty level at zero to very low cost, which will allow access to the entire
community spectrum to pursue a healthy lifestyle without financial limitations. There
are also plans to assist with transportation to and from the facility at low or no cost to help remove additional barriers.
Complete Health Park has plans to partner with Mid-Michigan College to help
build life skills by offering classes that will get our community prepared to enter or re-enter the workforce.
Plans for facility sustainability include land lease, day care fees, medical
office leases, facility use fees, a bowling center, utilization of courts and fields for
college teams, Mid Michigan College as well as tournaments. This is a centralized
location for the lower peninsula of Michigan and will also bring needed commerce to
the Clare County area.
Project Capitalization
The project is to be financed by the State of Michigan Public Acts of 2022, No.
166, Sec. 1996 in the amount of $25,000,000. With the feasibility study being complete, the $250,000 allocation for the plan can be utilized for Health Park improvement.
Additional funding will be generated by private donations, additional supplemental
grants, and in-kind sponsorship. In addition, the expected lease payments made by the Clare Hospital making Complete Health Park its new home, will be an added windfall that will greatly diminish sustainability risk. IW Consultants (“IWC”), as project manager [established by David Coker, Jr.] has delineated development into phases to ensure all of the requirements and necessary elements detailed in Sec. 1996 fund apportionment are met. This careful planning, along with precise management of the currently vacant property, allows phased additions to be seamlessly added as improvement without the risk of non-completion. Retained Revenue generated from, additional funding, leases, use fees, and outlets will allow for long-term sustainability.
Note: Local requests to principals of the Complete Health Park for answers to some questions about the Health Park went unanswered. We do not, as yet, officially have the names of the Board of Directors of the non-profit.

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  1. Isn’t the land owned by State Representative Kunse’s father? Isn’t Steven Stark his brother in-law? Nothing shady there,…
    Wasn’t Anthony Demasi just indicted for bank fraud? Didn’t he go to prison for that prior?


  2. Thank you for shining a little light on this! Please don’t let up! This needs to be a front page story until all of our questions are answered and those who have abused their power are held accountable!

  3. Demasi convicted felon served prison time ( tsunami capitol, currently under indictment Beta Sole Foundation )
    Dave Coker former aide to Speaker Wentworth . Coker family members received scholarships from Beta Sole Foundation.
    Search Tom Kunse , Roger Hauck, Jason Wentworth , Steve Stark ( Kunse brother in law p.a.c donor) look at all that $$$$ circulating. Laughable they are all playing the dumb card like they don’t know each other after taking that kind of money from each other . This is simple pay to play with kick backs funded by tax payers. State Attorney General needs to investigate this immediately. 5173357560 call and demand investigation. Share on all social media!

  4. Why build what Clare already has? Could simply assemble a Clare County Free Clinic (like Gratiot) in partnership with MyMichigan and offer discounted services at already established facilities. Best use of grant would be toward a mental health facility that Michigan has discussed and desperately needs.

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