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Redding Township recalls successful

By Pat Maurer

The results are in and it is official. There is a new Supervisor and two new trustees on the Redding Township Board after the Board of Canvassers verified the November 7 election results.
According to their results, Write-in Candidate Michael Thomas Trzcienski will replace Bruce O. Scarbrough (R) in a 67-52 vote.
Two trustees, Nancy L. Scarbrough and Marlene McGlashen, have also been ousted from the township board. Write-in Linda Ann Miller bested Nancy L. Scarbrough (R) with a 50-55 vote and Write-in candidate Louis A. Schreiner won over Republican Marlene McGlashen with a 50-53 vote. A second Write-in candidate for Scarbrough’s trustee seat, Louis A. Schreiner, who was a write-in on both trustee positions, garnered eight votes.
All three winners will fill the township seats for partial terms.
One hundred 124 ballots were cast in the November 7 election, 26.38 percent of 470 registered voters in the township.
The election resulted from three successful recall petitions authored and filed by Township resident John Thompson and each read, “for the following reasons – voting to adopt Public Property Safety Ordinance No. 33 at a Redding Township regularly scheduled meeting on November 15, 2022.”
Last June Thompson said he had begun working on the recall petitions about a year earlier, after he had received a blight ordinance notice about property he owned that was “grandfathered in.” He said he discovered many things that were incorrect when he was trying to get more information about the legality of the notice.
He said the issue with the board had started over “property owner rights,” that his property is “non-conforming and the supervisor didn’t understand that. He also reported that FOYA (Freedom of Information Act) requests he made to the township were ignored or thrown away and that he had been accused of assault in the township offices and he and his wife had experienced “gay bashing.”

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