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SPS Art à Loan opens Sept. 13

Saugatuck Public Schools’ 28th annual Art à Loan program featuring student works will return to the Saugatuck Center for the Arts opening with a reception Wednesday, Sept. 13, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Gallery doors will open at 6:45 with leasing beginning promptly thereafter. 

Art à Loan pieces are selected by area art professionals and works by kindergarten through 12th grade students. Each is professionally matted, framed and labeled with tags identifying the program, artist and grade level, thanks to Sarah Harris of The Nines Gallery and Framing Studio in Holland.

Pieces can be leased for $175 per year for public display in offices, shops, restaurants, lobbies and other community spaces in the greater Saugatuck area. The artwork will remain on display for one year starting Oct. 13.

The program is self-supporting; proceeds from this year will cover next year’s costs.  

High and middle-elementary school teachers Danielle Hanna and Melissa Pawlak are committed to building community through art and grateful to belong to a supportive and engaging art community.

They agree their students feel the support and connection from the community and Art à Loan helps them be a part of something special and unique. 

Following the opening event, Art à Loan will be on display in the SCA gallery weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. and during performances through Oct. 13, admission free.

Those interested in leasing artwork but unable to attend the opening event can phone Hanna at Saugatuck High School (269) 857-2133 or Email . Students in this year’s event include Lula Slenk, Colton Mapes, Margaret Tolley, Elise Kimble, Dallas Schloss, Madisyn Kragness, Aria Mapes, Ella Pitic, Emily Strong and Asher Gregg.

Also Ivy LeClaire, Harper Gries, Nova Frazier, Hannora Maher, Olive OConnor, Emmy Rodewald, Alette Rodriguez Kupres, Ellie OConnor, Ella Vanderbeek and Finley Holley.

Other students exhibiting work include Kaedence Carney, Asah Nieuwsma, Thomas Bullinger, Laine Borst, Sophia Firmiss, Annika Vanderbeek, Evelyn Meivogel, Novella DeGraaf and Analeah Green.

Also Avery Smith, Sophie Kuipers, Ada Roth, Maeve Wrenn, Layla Vinten-Johansen, Madelyn Klein, Sophia DeGraaf, Mia Zerfas, Adele Nieuwsma and Anna DeYoung.

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