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The Allegan County News is now available FREE

By Mike Wilcox

Change is in the wind
I’ve learned some of us in rural Michigan are slow to take to change. We are set in our ways and would like life to be slower and more purposeful like it was 20 years ago. Unfortunately, that simply can’t be.
We’ve learned that lesson the hard way in the newspaper business. Newspaper upon newspaper have closed their doors over the past ten years because they have failed to adjust to the changing business climate. They wanted to continue to operate like they always had – selling subscriptions to subscribers that were getting older and writing news stories about things that really didn’t appeal to their readers.
We hope to be able to buck that trend here. Starting with this week’s issue, you will see the Allegan County News available for pick-up in a lot more stores. More importantly, you will not have to pay $1, fifty cents, or even a penny for the newspaper. It will now be completely FREE to those who choose to pick it up at a store.
Yes, you heard me right. It will be FREE. Consider it our early Christmas gift to readers in the area- a newspaper filled with local news and columnists, that can be picked up for FREE.
Why would we do this? It’s quite simple. A newspaper essentially derives its income from advertising. Businesses who advertise want the vehicle they choose to do their advertising with in as many hands as possible. We felt as a paid subscription newspaper, we were limiting the number of readers we were providing advertisers.
From now on, the Allegan County News will be free at most newsstands and stores in Allegan, Fennville, Wayland, and the surrounding areas. We are increasing the number of newspapers we print and distribute by nearly 50 percent. We will continue mailed delivery to those people who want to receive the newspaper at their home; and as you know, our subscriptions are less than any other weekly newspaper in the area- $40 per year for in-state subscribers, or $55 per year for out-of-state subscribers.
What you might not know, is we also offer digital E-Subscriptions for half the price. For $20 per year, you can get the newspaper delivered straight to your inbox, every Tuesday night – before it even hits the printing presses. Gone are the days of having to wait for the post office to deliver your news. Just visit to digitally subscribe today.
Allegan County has weathered some tough times. So has this newspaper. But despite that, we all continue to push ahead, realizing that through faith, hard work and perseverance, times will get better. The Allegan County News is trying to do its part by providing a great news product at an affordable price- FREE. As always, we welcome your thoughts or comments. Feel free to call us at 269-673-5534, or email

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  1. I had it sent to me for years I hope they still do if not they only wanted my money I hope they we’ll please keep sending it to me Steve Wooten Plainwell Michigan

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