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The Cycles of Earth

by Larry-Michael and Becky Lynn Hackenberg

A Weekly Almanac Guide
Plan, Do, Finish, Rest.
Living in Harmony
With Earth
Weekend of
February 10-11, 2024

Earth-Sun-Moon Notes
In A Nutshell…
The New/Resting Moon on Friday, February 9 at 5:59 p.m. EST, gives us cosmic permission to rest. The Earth-Moon interplay creates shifts in energy frequencies and their influence on everything from plants to humans. While the effects are subtle, they often underlie our moods and even body feelings. Recognizing these reminds us and allows us to make the most of them or simply understand it may be why we’re feeling a certain way.
Have you noticed tree buds getting larger or increasing their color? Trees and shrubs have been in eco-dormancy because of cold. Development doesn’t happen below 40 degrees. A few hours in the 40’s but dropping to 20’s at night doesn’t do it. But days of 50-60 degrees and nights above freezing, that is when growth begins. Now in February, the chilling time during which nutrients have been in storage mode is starting to shift toward the growth phase. As light and temperatures increase, those buds will continue to swell, gradually, all the way to leaves. We can be patient; we know it is worth waiting for.
Last Weekend
February 3-4, 2024: Finishing
It was time to clear some clutter with the holistic attitude of reduce, reuse, recycle.

This Weekend
February 10-11, 2024: Resting
Rest, like sleep, is undervalued in our fast-paced culture. But now that so much research has been done on sleep’s relationship to the many physical and mental maladies we incur, we are beginning to see that short-changing our health for the sake of productivity is a grave error in judgement. One easy step on the road to better health is simply taking one weekend a month to actually rest the whole body-mind-spirit.
Ideally that means taking time away from any and all stressors. That would be anything that pulls us away from ourselves. Every time we check email, answer a text, take a call we are stepping outside our inner awareness. Weekend plans such as kids’ birthday parties, get-togethers, shopping, all consume the weekends. Setting one weekend aside per month could save your sanity and give you a much-needed rest. My grandchildren call these “stay-days” when they can just stay home and do nothing but play and relax.
Consider giving yourself a “stay day”- or two – this Resting weekend.

Next Weekend
February 17-18, 2024: Planning
30 days until vernal Equinox and official Spring, the planning energy builds!

Musing…from Larry’s journal
The Train and the River
People living in Three Rivers have had both river trains and a beautiful river musical piece by a skilled musician Jimmy Giuffre “The Train and the River”. We people of Three Rivers have also admired the togetherness of trains, rivers, people, and music.
The rivers, I assume, admire the Three Rivers’ banks with trains in their area; maybe because the rivers get their train areas cleaned and human attention paid to the smoothness of the train-banks (which additionally supports the beautiful trees and plants near the train travel.
The trains, of course, seem to generate special sounds as they are gently moving through the Three Rivers area. Trains move slower, of course, in cities but still with powerfulness. The trains usually alert, as they travel, with special horns, lights, and/or road-blocking devices to car drivers at the crossings.
In previous times, a special pleasure of trains was when they pulled into a stop at Three Rivers to unload materials for the use and pleasure of people wanting to purchase new materials for their homes in the areas of or near Three Rivers.
Therefore, people have often admired the trains and the rich delivery of newly train-carried materials for their home purchases. Which on a number of occasions, have endeavored some cool music “The Train and the River” by a group of skilled musical group for people’s additional train and home pleasure.

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