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Two former Lanett police officers indicted

Former Lanett PD officers Bolt and Looser.

C.J. Looser, a former Lieutenant with the Lanett Police Department Officer was indicted by the Chambers County Grand Jury for Assault 2 degree after he allegedly knocked out a man’s teeth while he was in the back of his patrol car.

Additional charges from the Ethics Commission stem from a different incident which came under investigation when a tow truck driver was pulled over while repossessing his personal vehicle. The Grand Jury also indicted Looser on ethics violations 36-25-5(a) and 36-25-5(c).

Chief Denise McCain advised this incident occurred under the previous administration and stated “Law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold and defend the laws of our state,” “When they abuse their power to violate those very laws, they not only deprive citizens of their individual rights, but they also compromise the public’s trust in law enforcement.

“Police officers put themselves at risk for the public every day. The defendants, however, diminished the sacrifices of their fellow officers”.

“Law enforcement officers are rightfully held to a higher standard and, on the very rare occasions when officers refuse to meet that standard, they will be held to account.”

“With today’s indictment, Mr. Looser finds himself on the opposite end of the very laws he was sworn to uphold. Wearing a badge is a privilege and honor that most law enforcement officers take seriously. It is not a license to corrupt the administration of justice. Their actions undermined the hard work of the entire law enforcement community”, said McCain.

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