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What to expect when you vote in 2024- with election art

By Clare County Clerk Lori Mott

The Presidential Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 and only takes place once every 4-years. This Primary Election is held so that the voters can narrow the Republican and Democratic candidates down to the 1 person they want to see on the ballot for the November General Election. In accordance with Michigan Law (MCL 168.615c) each voter must declare in writing to the election worker, which ballot they would like to vote, Republican or Democratic.
If your township or city has a proposal on the ballot you will have a third ballot option, which is no party declaration, and only has the proposals language on it. That is for voters that do not wish to vote for a presidential candidate but still want to vote on the proposals.
In Clare County the only jurisdictions that have proposals are Hamilton Township (Gladwin School District), Arthur Township (Gladwin School District) and the City of Clare (Isabella County residents).
Michigan does not require voters to register with a political party and allows you to vote any way you want every time you vote. That means if you vote for one party in February you are not required to vote the same party the next time you vote.
In November of 2022 the voters passed Proposal 22-2, which made many changes in election laws. One of which is that Michigan now has early in person voting. You will notice that every county in Michigan may be doing something different. When there is a state or federal issue on the ballot, jurisdictions are required to offer a minimum of 9 days of early in person voting with the maximum being 29 days.
Other counties may offer many different early voting sites and days. Clare County will offer 9 days of early voting and will offer 1 early voting site. The County Clerk and the local Clerks all agreed that having only one voting site would cause the least amount of confusion for voters and be the most fiscally responsible way to meet the requirements of the new constitutional amendment.
In 2024, all Clare County Early Voting will take place at the County Building located at 225, W. Main St., Harrison, MI. every day (including weekends and holidays) from February 17, 2024 – February 25, 2024 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The County Building will be open on weekends and Presidents Day for Early voting only, no other county offices will be open on the weekend or holiday.
The Clare County Transit Corporation offers rides to and from polling locations every election, free of charge. They have agreed to continue that service to the citizens of Clare County during early voting. You must call in advance and schedule your ride so that they can accommodate everyone (989-539- 1473). Calls for Saturday and Sunday service must be made the week before you want service. The bus will only be able to take voters to and from the County Building and will not be making additional stops. If voters wish to vote on Election Day at their normal polling location the Clare County Transit will also provide free rides on Election Day.
If you have any questions please call the Clare County Clerk, Lori Mott at 989-539-7131. If you would like to view a sample ballot you can go to your local township or city hall, the Clare County Clerk’s Office or visit our website

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