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Winners announced from November 8 elections

By Gari Voss

The unofficial totals have been tallied at the state and county levels. 62 of 62 Allegan County precincts have reported results, and the numbers must be certified by county canvassers by November 21st and by Michigan state canvassers by November 28th.
Statewide, this is the first time since 1982 that the Democrats have a majority in the State legislature.
With the swing in party leadership in the State House and Senate and the heavy Republican presence in Allegan County, the work of thoughtfully running the business of Michigan and the county has just begun. Voters have expressed expectation that have non-partisan undertones. State and local candidates made promises during the months up to the election. Voters and leaders alike now need to examine needs and work to ensure that the needs are met in purposeful and financially responsible manners.
Residents who wish to be informed about conversations in Lansing, in Allegan County and in local precincts can continue to work to have their voices heard. The following winners can be followed on websites, on social media, and at live meetings.

U. S. House of Representatives (Congress):
4th District:
Bill Huizenga R. (185,778)

State Leaders
Governor/Lt. Governor:
Gretchen Whitmer D. (2,427,962)

Secretary of State:
Jocelyn Benson D. (2,461,503)

Attorney General:
Dana Nessel D. (2,325,832)

State Senate:
18th District:
Thomas A. Albert R. (72,026)
20th District:
Aric Nesbitt R. (69,316)
31st District:
Roger Victory R. (84,170)

State House of Representatives:
38th District:
Joey Andrews D. (21,757)
39th District:
Pauline Wendzel R. (22,797)
42nd District:
Matt Hall R. (24,092)
43rd District:
Rachelle Smit R. (30,920)
79th District:
Angela Rigas R. (29,511)
86th District:
Nancy DeBoer R. (23,984)

Proposal 1: Public Official Financial Disclosure
Yes 2,835,876 No 1,431,721
Proposal 2:
Yes 2,583,826 No 1,723,415
Proposal 3:
Yes 2,479,962 No 1,897,375

County Leaders
Allegan County Commissioners:
District 1:
Jim Storey R. (10,064)
District 2:
D. Mark DeYoung R. (8,581)
District 3:
Dean Kapenga R. (5,760)
District 4:
Scott Beltman R. (7,734)
District 5:
Dale Dugan R. (6,411)

County Courts
3rd District Court of Appeals:
Kathleen Feeney (20,677)
3rd District Court of Appeal (partial)
Christopher Yates (34,258)
48th Circuit Court
Margaret Bakker (33,912)
58th District Court
Judy Mulder (1,885)

Local elections:
Otsego City Commission
Laura Krueger (800)
Chuck Moore, Jr. (692)
Stacey Withee (679)
Otsego City Commission (partial)
Wayne Rayburn (758)
Jason Smith (766)
Otsego Township
Waste Renewal
Yes 1,525 No 1,006
Fire Millage Renewal
Yes 1,774 No 755
Plainwell City Council
Brad Keeler (785)
Roger Keeney (623)
Randy Wisnaski (613)

School Elections
Otsego Board of Education
Shannon Goodwin (3,069)
Mike Keeler (2,628)
Brian Ouellette (2,952) (partial)
Plainwell Board of Education
Julli Bennett (2,983)
Rex Hall, Jr. (2,838)
Andrea Barrows (2,269)
Derek Dunn (2,144)
Plainwell School Operating Millage
Yes 3,803 No 3,490

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