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Won’t you help us help those in need?

It’s that time of year when our email and post box is flooded with Christmas Wishes. Our annual program, partially funded by local businesses fulfills the wishes of dozens of families in need of food, transportation, shelter and holiday gifts for children.
This year is particularly difficult for many families. Because of inflation, the price of food, transportation, housing, etc have gone up double digits. Staples like eggs or milk have increased by thirty percent. Gas and home heating has jumped up over fifty percent. Rent has skyrocketed in many locations.
I don’t know how middle-class families can adjust, let alone those in poverty. Expenses for an average household have risen by $5000 to $7000 in 2022. If you’re income was $50,000, it is now $43,000 in real dollars because of the eight percent inflation we are experiencing.
Those of us who don’t make any where near $50,000 have got to be pinching pennies. If you read the letters we have received you know providing a family Christmas is an impossible ordeal for many.
One scribe wrote they are living in a 14 x 14 camper. However black mold is spreading rapidly and they don’t know what to do. A second described her life living in a tent and wondering what she will do now that the weather has turned cold.
Another writes about her 80-year-old friend who spends every last dime to put gas in his car so he can transport many low income people doctors, food banks and grocery stores. This octogenarian needs help so he can survive so that he can help others. A noble cause, I must say.
And another proclaims they not only need help, but prayers, because their toilet only flushes part of the time and a tree is about to fall on his house.
So many write about escaping from abusive relationships and experiencing health problems that have consumed their savings and not allowed them to work. Others talk about COVID and how that has destroyed families. Still others can’t find a job that will allow them to feed their families. Letter after letter expresses these common themes.
That’s where we step in. In conjunction with area businesses and local citizens that would like to help disadvantaged families, we vet the letters we receive, rate them according to need, then send checks between $100 to $700 to provide a Merry Christmas. This year I suspect we will be sending checks to over 100 families.
If you’d like to help simply send an email to We prefer financial donations, but if you would like to adopt a family, that works too.
And for those in need there is still time to write us. We will be accepting letters until December 5. All you need to do is explain in letter format, why you need help this holiday. Include your name, address and phone number and email it to

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